What colors and patterns to choose autumn color type

The traditional system offers us 4 color types, the more detailed classifications allocate 12 subtypes, just as the year is divided into 12 months. In the autumn type this is the Real Autumn (True Autumn) - by analogy we can recall the October riot of colors, the golden season, Soft Autumn (Soft Autumn) - with the influence of Summer, transparent September, and Dark, Thick Autumn (Deep Autumn) - November, often influenced by winter. By the way, the last subtype can easily pretend to be cold, and it can be distinguished by comparing, say, how much more profitable the Autumn girl looks in dark brown instead of a little black dress. Black is far from a universal, it is the autumn color type that will only benefit if it replaces the black base with bitter chocolate and ground coffee.


If you are in doubt whether you are Autumn, one of the best ways is to compare the sub-colors in white. Against the background of pure white color, the face of Autumn becomes gray, rumpled and stale. On the contrary, champagne, a shade of unbleached canvas, yellowness give a rested appearance, as after a holiday.Winter all this is jamming, Autumn literally blooms. Pink shades are good helpers - peach and salmon are beneficial for Autumn, unlike fuchsia.


Autumn also goes unappetizing and "old woman" tone. None of the types anymore decorate the colors of marsh mud, mustard, warm thick violet, warm, with a good dose of brown, burgundy, and the like. We will also include here our favorite turquoise, lead-blue, tomato-colored and necessarily terracotta, ocher - the more earthy, yellow, and brownish, the better for Autumn.


This, by the way, is different from Spring.

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