What coats and jackets are in fashion

Today in the wardrobe of girls you can find several options for outerwear. As a rule, stylish young ladies choose a coat for work or outlets. To such outerwear you need to choose the appropriate shoes: boots, low shoes, moccasins, ankle boots, etc. Jackets allow you to remain more mobile. They are convenient for everyday activities, shopping, walking with children. Jackets can be combined both with boots, and with footwear in sports style.
Wanting to choose a fashionable coat, pay attention to the romantic models, made in retro style. They are characterized by an original finish (ruffles, frills, etc.), a fitted silhouette, a turn-down gate. Coat length varies greatly: both mid-thigh and floor-length styles are popular. Of the colors most relevant are milky beige, light brown, white.
Today, the coat is also a classic cut. As a rule, they have one row of buttons, patch pockets (at the hips, chest), and a belt.The most stylish colors are shades of gray and gray-violet.
Free coats are also very popular. The length of such models reaches mid-thigh. Often, wide coats have a voluminous hood, and sleeves can be. Such models are equipped with very effective, large buttons made of wood, bone or durable plastic.
Now also knitted coats are in fashion. Such models vary in seasons: there are both light openwork models for summer, and volumetric options with a lining for autumn-spring. You can wear some knitted coats even in winter: they have fur trim inside. In this segment, the most winning options are textured monochrome models with different patterns.
Modern jackets are rich in finishes and original materials. If you like to spend time in nature or play with children, pay attention to the quilted bright models. Also an excellent choice would be products on a thin sintepon.
Jackets from tanned leather with fur lining are great for the cold season. Such models look spectacular, are practical and durable.The only negative - not a rich palette of natural materials. Will have to choose from several shades of brown and black.
Leather jackets remain in fashion. With their help, you can easily create a variety of images: romantic, country, casual, etc. Those who prefer the classics should take a closer look at white, beige and black pieces. Lovers of shocking will love the bright models.
New fashionable retro trend are denim jackets. These models should look narrowly at the lovers of casual and sporty styles. There are both light and insulated versions of denim jackets. From fashionable details, scuffing, bright applications, patch pockets deserve a lot of attention.

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