What can be made of paper?

Paper is one of the most versatile materials for creativity. From it you can make almost everything: from the postcard and ending with the dress. We suggest you get acquainted with the paper world, and find out what crafts can be made from paper.

Festive garland

Garland is a simple decoration that will be appropriate for any holiday. Your loved ones will be surprised at what can be made from colored paper. To work you will need:

  • stapler;
  • scissors;
  • double-sided colored paper.

Creating a garland

  1. Cut out many strips from colored paper, 1.5 cm thick and 20 cm long. They should be even. If you can not work "by eye", then cut a sheet before cutting. For training can be made from whitefrom paperpaper the same garland, but short.
  2. We take two strips, fold them together and fasten one of the ends with a stapler. The opposite ends are connected to each other. You must have a heart. From both sides we apply on a strip so that their free ends look at the beginning of the garland.We fasten all 4 strips with a stapler.
  3. We connect the free ends, forming a heart. And so we do it many, many times to get the garland of the desired size. The strips can be from the same and different paper, here you can give scope to your imagination.


Incredibly believable sunflower can be made from corrugated paper. You will need:

  • rolls of black, brown, green and yellow crepe paper;
  • scissors;
  • glue;
  • wire.

Sunflower making

  1. We begin work with the manufacture of the core. To do this, cut the black and brown rolls into a strip (8 cm wide).
  2. On one of the sides of the strips we cut a short fringe.From paper
  3. We fold the strips between ourselves and roll them into a tight roll, fixing its solid end with a wire.
  4. We cut many, many yellow petals, about 2 cm wide and 7 cm long. You can fold the leaf several times, then you will immediately have several petals. Wrap their edges gently inside.
  5. In the same way we make leaves of green paper.
  6. Now gently in a circle glue a few rows of petals in a checkerboard pattern.We perform the same procedure with green leaves. You got an amazing flower.

Schemes of making other colors of paper can be found in the article How to make a flower from paper.

Bookmark for a book

From an ordinary sheet of paper you can make a very original bookmark. Prepare:

  • multi-color paper;
  • glue;
  • scissors.


  1. Square sheet fold diagonally and wrap the sharp corners of the resultingFrom papertriangle to the center.
  2. Bend the upper corner. Bend both side corners towards the middle and tuck inwards. This is a basic blank. Then it all depends on your imagination. For example, you can make a fun monster. To do this, cut out a square of paper of a different color that matches the size of your blank. Glue it inside.
  3. Cut out the teeth and attach them to the inside of the pocket with glue. Now make a monster eyes and stick them on the outside. Such a spectacular bookmark can be made from a regular sheet of paper.

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