What are the advantages of a battery garden tool?


The first advantage of cordless tools is the lack of electrical wire. The gardener will not be forced to work near an electrical outlet or use a few tens of meters of extension cord.

Environmental friendliness

Compared with gasoline garden equipment, the battery is quiet and environmentally friendly. No exhaust and quiet operation. Neighbors will thank you.

Simplicity and convenience

As a rule, the tool without a wire is very easy to use - it pressed the button and launched into operation. Low weight and lack of vibration make it possible for women to use it.


The developers have put a lot of effort to increase this figure. Now you can find a professional tool in the voltage range of 36V. and capacity from 5A., which meets the requirements of gardeners.

One battery - many tools

You would think that this type of garden equipment consists of some advantages. But there is a big drawback - the high price. In order to make this technology more accessible, manufacturers of garden tools have developed a network of devices operating on a single battery and charger. In the future, the gardener can purchase a tool without a battery, which of course reduces its price. From one battery, for example, a lawn mower, a trimmer, a brush cutter, a vacuum cleaner blower, and garden shears can work. Therefore, your first purchase should be carefully considered. Batteries and chargers are not compatible between different brands. Choose a solid company that represents a wide range of tools.

Working hours

This characteristic depends, of course, on the power of the battery and on the purpose of the tool. For example, garden shears do not need a powerful battery. This is a tool of periodic action. A low-power battery charges quickly and consumes little power. But for the lawnmower need a powerful battery, which requires more power consumption and charging time.

Here, for example, the averaged characteristics of some tools:

- brush cutter - pruning up to 70m. hedge with a single charge

- trimmer - up to 500m. lawn curb (approximately 20 min. work)

- lawn mower - 200-300 m2 of lawn

Charging time

This parameter in operation greatly affects the usability of the device. Manufacturers offer batteries at a voltage of 36V, charging time of which is only 1 hour 20 minutes. If you have a large territory and you are not too patient, it is better to buy two batteries. One battery charges when the other one is running.

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