What apartment design will be fashionable in 2017?

The interior of the apartment, as well as the wardrobe, should correspond to the world fashion trends. And if you are planning a major overhaul, global change, or just a renovation of housing, then first find out what will be relevant in 2017.

Main trends

For a start, it is worthwhile to list general current trends:

  1. Freedom and space. From the close office, each of us strives to get into a spacious apartment, to feel real freedom and enjoy it. And that is why studio apartments are becoming more and more popular. The main feature of this layout is the maximum free space without partitions. And this option is ideal for a small apartment, because it will expand its boundaries. But in the studio it will be comfortable only for a lonely person or a couple. Families with children will need isolated rooms.
  2. Comfort. Thinking through the interior design, first of all, you should strive to ensure that all residents are comfortable, because it is this quality that is appreciated by modern people, tired of the daily rhythm of life and experiencing significant stress.Coming from work, everyone wants to relax, immerse themselves in a homely atmosphere.
  3. Functionality. An apartment is not only housing, but also a place in which many perform daily duties, create culinary masterpieces, work and are engaged in creative work. And in order to optimize the process, all the most necessary should be at hand, but at the same time not stand out from the crowd and not interfere. And so you should choose multifunctional interior elements, for example, transforming furniture, modern appliances.
  4. Geometry: both simple and complex. And it can be traced literally in everything: in furniture, decoration, planning, accessories, prints. Geometry organizes space, but it does not make it limited and boring.
  5. Naturalness and desire for unity with nature, which are visible in prints, finishes.

Fashionable palette

Fashionable apartment design in 2017 is, first of all, the current palette. And all the shades of blue will be especially popular: from dark, resembling the sea during a storm, to saturated and bright. Impressive and green scale, and it can change the perception of the room completely differently.

So, dark noble shades are associated with luxury and chic, while bright ones inspire optimism and make the design fresh. Wine marsala migrated from wardrobes to interiors. Remind about nature and the earth is warm terracotta. Often there is pink in different variations, and it becomes universal and ceases to be romantic. Also in fashion is gray and its many shades. And, of course, do not forget about the classics: white and black.

Tip: to create a calm and relaxing atmosphere and visually expand the boundaries of space, choose light shades of the colors listed. And for accents, use brighter and more saturated tones, but do not overdo it, otherwise the room will look motley.


Prints will certainly fit into a modern interior, but they are used more for accents rather than as a main background. And especially relevant are animalistic and geometric, as well as vegetable, made in the theme of the jungle. And in order for the drawings to stand out, they must be contrasting or in black and white, this is very fashionable.


Natural materials or imitating them are welcome: artificial and natural stone, wood and cork, granite. But metals such as brass, copper and gold deserve special attention: their glossy shine is able to give charm to any interior.


The decoration should be exquisitely restrained, but at the same time interesting and stylish. When decorating the walls, pay attention to textured materials, such as wallpaper with volumetric drawings, decorative plaster (it can be painted). And one of the walls can be distinguished, for example, with the help of a corkboard, bamboo cloth, photo wallpaper or a realistic 3D image.

The floor can be noble parquet, chic stone (artificial stone is quite acceptable and becoming more and more popular) or decorated with matte ceramic granite tiles.

The ceiling will be the accent of the room, if you make it complex and layered. Such an interesting decision, by the way, will not only transform the space, but also help to organize the lighting.

Interesting: relevant minimally treated and rough surfaces that resemble concrete.


What will be the furniture in 2017? First of all, as convenient as possible, because its main purpose is to provide comfort. The size of individual items depends on the area of ​​the room in which they will be placed. If the room is spacious, then you can afford something majestic, but still not very cumbersome (remember the space and freedom).

And if the area is not large, then pay attention to the compact objects, which, incidentally, are the emphasis of many manufacturers. Materials should be mostly natural or at least imitating them, and the designers took this into account, because the tree does not go out of fashion, remaining the same classic.

Separately, it should be said about the colors. They can be almost any, including saturated or unusual and bright. But dark furniture of noble shades looks especially luxurious.


Without accessories, any interior will seem empty, so you can not do without them. But, firstly, do not overdo and clutter the apartment with small details. Secondly, it is better to choose not just interesting, exquisite or creative gizmos, but also functional ones that will not only perform a decorative function, but also be useful in everyday life.

It can be various supports, holders, lamps, watches, hangers and so on. Thirdly, designer accessories are becoming especially popular. But you can become an author yourself by making something interesting with your own hands (“hand made” is also in the trend).

Tip: do not forget about textiles, because it is associated with the home and creates an atmosphere of comfort.

And the best with such tasks cope dense and textured materials, for example, knitwear, wool (especially the volume knitting, such as boucle), plush. But the refined fabric has not been canceled. And if you focus on stylish prints, the interior will change and acquire a zest.


There should be a lot of light, but it should not be ordinary! It is desirable to make the lighting multi-level and diffuse, such a technique will expand and change the boundaries of space and even affect its shape. In addition, you will receive additional zoning. As for the models of fixtures, creative elements are welcomed, consisting of several parts.

Advice: try to create complex compositions and real light installations.

Trendy stylistic directions

If you want the interior to be complete and harmonious, then use a specific style for decoration. And in the coming year, relatively simple directions, not overloaded with complex features and details, will be especially relevant.

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