Cinema for the weekend: “Thor: Ragnarok” and 6 more films

Do not know what to go to the movies? We picked up seven premiere films for every taste. Choose and go to the movies!

Thor: Ragnarok

For those who love Marvel products with everything that comes out: the fights of superheroes, stupid jokes and the universe at stake.

Producer:Taika Whiteity
Cast:Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston, Cate Blanchett, Idris Elba, Tessa Thompson, Mark Ruffalo

Marvel's blockbuster about the Scandinavian god Thor (Chris Hemsworth this time without curls), who shows courage and skill, fighting with another dangerous relative - the goddess of death Hela. Hela has plans to conquer Asgard and become the infinite mistress of the Universe. And she is so powerful and angry (Cate Blanchett in gothic makeup and with horns) that Thor alone cannot cope with it. He will be helped by the Hulk, the militant Valkyrie, and even Loki.
The third film from the series about Torah turned out, perhaps, the most colorful and the most ridiculous. The latter is not surprising, because the New Zealander Tayka Whiteity, who shot the excellent “Real Ghouls”, is responsible for the production this time. Watch in 3D.


For those who love real adventure and try to find talent in Daniel Radcliffe. In the "Jungle" there is everything!

Producer:Greg McLean
Cast:Daniel Radcliffe, Thomas Kretschman, Alex Russell, Joel Jackson

Three adventure hunters go to the jungle of Bolivia. They are accompanied by an experienced guide who knows all the features of this dangerous area. But the guys do not have to just admire the wild nature and aahat from the stunning species. Having lost the conductor, they are forced to survive in such conditions, which are only read in books. The hero of Daniel Radcliffe remains alone. In the impassable jungle with dangerous animals, his desire to get out of the ordinary is realized as well as possible.


For those who know that the days fly like swallows, and we fly like stars.

Producer:Ivan Bolotnikov
Cast:Voitek Urbanski, Aiste Dirjute, Darius Gumauskas, Artem Semakin, Andrei Feskov, Alexander Bashirov, Nikita Kukushkin

Snob, a poetic genius, an amateur of shocking and mentally unstable type - all this Harms. Directed by Ivan Bolotnikov, so imbued with creativity and personality of the poet Daniil Yuvachev, aka Kharms, that he shot the second film about him (the first one, documentary, is called “The Miracle of Daniil Kharms”).The poet, whose fate was tragic, was played by a Polish actor and director Vojtek Urbanski. The movie turned out deliberately theatrical, with a fair touch of absurdity. Still: the movie is about the genius of the absurd, and even with Bashirov.


For those who love Vincent Cassel. A lot of those?

Producer:Edward Deluke
Cast:Vincent Cassel, Tahe Adams, Malik Zidi

French painting with Vincent Cassel as Paul Gauguin, who is known to have painted his best paintings in Tahiti. It is the Tahitian period of the artist’s life that will be shown to the viewer. Gauguin went to the islands for colors that he had not seen in Denmark, obsessed with merging with nature. There he met a beautiful Tahitian woman, felt a creative rise and became happy. The story in the movie turned out somewhat lopsided, because Gauguin, in fact, left his wife and five children, the Tahitian was only thirteen, and the tides of happiness were interspersed with thoughts of suicide and hellish poverty. In general, read the “Moon and Penny” by Somerset Maugham, where Gauguin’s life is described not without artistic fiction, but with much greater talent.

"Crooked House"

For those who wait can not even wait for the coolest detective by Agatha Christie - the movie "Murder on the Orient Express".

Producer:Gilles Pache-Brenner
Cast:Christina Hendricks, Gillian Anderson, Glenn Close, Max Irons, Terence Stamp

British detective story about the mysterious murder by Agatha Christie's novel. In a huge castle, the head of the family, the richest man Aristide Leonidis, suddenly dies. The charming granddaughter Sofia suspects that something was wrong and invites to investigate the strange death of her acquaintance's grandfather, Charles Hayward. He comes to the conclusion that any of the members of the family, even Sofia, can be a murderer. Everyone in this house has a secret that they would like to keep secret. The dark atmosphere of a confined space and languid Gillian Anderson in a resin wig add charm to this fascinating detective story.

“Kill for Like”

Who to watch: who in his childhood was a fan of the movie "Scream".

Producer:Tyler McIntyre
Cast:Josh Hutcherson, Brianna Hildebrand, Kevin Durand, Nikki Whelan

A little late for Halloween comedic horror about two girlfriends-bloggers. The girls created a blog that tells about the murders that happened in their town. And when the material for the popular blog ceases to be enough, the young ladies themselves begin to kill those who did not please them.And talk about it in a blog! Cinema does not go beyond the boundaries of the genre, but one evening will be fun to pass with it.


For those who love the author's cinema and all of them are subtle and intellectual.

Producer:Alisa Khazanova
Cast:Noah Huntley, Chris Bitem, Alice Khazanova, Rob Campbell, Marisa Ryan

Alice Khazanova's debut film is a very relative remake of "Last year in Marienbad" by Alain Rene. A couple quarrels in a pub, a stranger sits at a table for a wife who is left alone and says that they are not seen for the first time. In each of the characters awaken memories, about love in the main. In the cold space of a New York hotel, human senses awaken.
The film was shot in English, among Russian actors only Alisa Khazanova herself, playing the main role.

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