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Our planet is inhabited by a huge number of different nations, which differ from each other by nationality, developmental culture, religion and so on. But regardless of this, the organization and conduct of a wedding ceremony is one of the most vivid and memorable holidays in the life of every nation. In general, wedding traditions and customs of different nations of the world are very similar in their structure, but at the same time there are distinctive and even sometimes very unusual features due to which wedding ceremonies in different countries have their own flavor and originality.

European wedding traditions

Europe is multiethnic and, of course, every nation sacredly honors its national wedding traditions and rituals. Here are some of them:


In England, the preparation and conduct of the wedding ceremony are taken very seriously and devote a lot of time and attention to the rehearsals of the celebration.Any English wedding at first sight will strike with its solemnity and organization, because at the wedding it is clearly and clearly distributed who and what does. Also in England, it is customary in the invitation to the wedding to clearly indicate what the newlyweds wish to receive as a gift - this allows you to avoid repetition of wedding gifts. Traditionally, at the English wedding, it is customary to strictly adhere to a single color scheme, for example: the color of bridesmaids' dresses should exactly match the color of the groom's tie.

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In Germany, the tradition of breaking dishes on the eve of a wedding is very popular. According to this custom, the relatives and friends of the bride bring various ceramic dishes, usually plates or dishes, on the evening before the wedding and smash them about the threshold. The Germans believe that broken dishes will bring good luck to the bride. After this ritual, the bride invites friends to the house and treats them with wine or sweets.

At the wedding ceremony, the bride had to have bread and salt, which symbolize wealth, and the bridegroom, in turn, traditionally brought grain. In Germany, as in many other cultures, grain is identified with wealth and luck infamily life.

After the official part of the wedding, guests spruce the branches for the young to pass. The Germans believe that if the newlyweds pass through the fir branches, their family life will be happy and comfortable.

All the guests invited to the wedding, the young Germans give handkerchiefs, which wrapped the rest of the wedding table food.

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As a rule, wedding ceremonies in Russia take place theatrically, brightly and hospitably. On the eve of the wedding in the house of the groom's parents, it is customary to bake a wedding loaf, which symbolizes the birth of a new family. You can learn more about the wedding loaf tradition here. Russian wedding ceremony consists of several stages - matchmaking, bridegroom, engagement, wedding and, of course, a rich festive table.

As a rule, a wedding in Russia is celebrated for two days.

According to the ancient Russian tradition at the wedding it was decided to shout "bitterly". According to this custom, during the celebration, the bride went around with a tray to all the guests who were supposed to put money on him, after which the guest was presented with a glass of vodka, and the guest, in turn, should sip vodka and loudly shout “bitter” - thereby confirming that in a glass it's vodka, not water. Then the guest kissed the bride.Today, this tradition has changed a bit and after the words “bitterly” the young people should kiss each other in the presence of guests. More about Russian wedding traditions you can find here.

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At first glance, the traditions of the Chechen wedding are no different from European ones. Similar ceremonies on matchmaking, engagement and registration of official marriage, and, of course, the celebration of the wedding itself are also held. But still, the Chechen wedding has its own unique rituals.

Traditionally, before entering into a marriage, a priest is sent to the bride’s house — a mullah who talks to the bride’s father about the marriage of his daughter. If the father consents to the marriage, the mullah talks directly with the girl. In this case, must be attended by married women who act as witnesses. If a girl agrees to a marriage, the mullah reads surahs from the Quran and the girl should repeat them aloud. Then the mullah goes to the groom's house and repeats the procedure.

According to the Chechen tradition, the wedding is celebrated for three days and three nights. During the celebration, the groom must be in a separate room with friends and not show themselves to the guests, and the bride should stand in the corner throughout the celebration,where relatives meet her from the groom. She can sit down only with the permission of her mother-in-law or sister-in-law.

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The wedding traditions of Azerbaijan are multistage and have a relatively complex structure of wedding ceremonies, the fulfillment of which is compulsory. The procedure of the Azerbaijani wedding consists of three stages - the pre-wedding period, the wedding itself and the post-wedding period. On average, the wedding celebration lasted about a week.

Traditionally, it was necessary to invite all relatives on both sides of the Azerbaijani wedding, and if someone was forgotten, this was seen as a very serious offense. Strange as it may seem, the bride and groom at the wedding were given a secondary role, they were only a symbol of triumph.

Earlier, men celebrated the wedding separately from women: during the celebration of the wedding, men held various sports, the main kind of which was the national struggle and the men's wedding was very cheerful and noisy. But the female - on the contrary: at the women's wedding, according to tradition, it was customary to sing sad songs, and the bride must necessarily cry, thus showing everyone how sad she is about her father's house.

It is curious that all the costs of holding and organizing weddings in Azerbaijan are on the side of the bride.

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Oriental wedding traditions

Modern Eastern youth often organizes a wedding according to European traditions, but most young people sacredly honor and strictly adhere to the wedding traditions of their people. Eastern culture is diverse and covers almost a third of the world's population. Any oriental wedding ceremony is very different from the European one, first of all, in scope and wealth, since in the east it is customary to organize and hold very chic wedding festivities, ranging from wedding dresses to the bride's dowry.

In eastern countries, wedding traditions are often based on honoring the departed family members, along with the living. This is explained by the fact that in the East the cult of the father and the family as a whole is very developed - there is no debt higher than the debt of the father and the head of the family.

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Preparing for a wedding in the East

In all Eastern countries, the matchmaking ritual, which is held before the wedding, is obligatory. Two families gather for advice and decide if their children need each other.Early indispensable condition for marriage was the consent of the diviner, whom the parents of the young asked to analyze the dates of the birth of the bride and groom and on this basis to give permission for the wedding. If the fortuneteller gave a negative answer, the wedding was often canceled.

Another obligatory wedding ritual in eastern countries is the offering of gifts to each other by both families. In China, expensive silk and sake are most often chosen as such gifts. Gifts to the house of the bride usually brought the groom's younger brother. The received gift was carried to the temple of the ancestors and made a ritual prayer. In Japan, wedding gifts are expressed in cash. Under the supervision of the parents of the bride and groom exchange banknotes.

Eastern Bridal Outfit

The dresses of brides in different countries of the East are different, but very colorful and completely non-European. So, in China, the bride was dressed in a red robe embroidered with gold patterns; in Japan, a snow-white kimono served as a wedding dress, and in Korea the bride wore a colored dress - a skirt, a blouse and a robe of different colors on her wedding day. A common element in all countries - this is the makeup of the bride - on the wedding day the face had to be heavily powdered.

American wedding traditions

In America, every bride follows that on her wedding day there would be something new, something old, something borrowed and something blue (something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue) - according to legend , the observance of this rite is a guarantee of a happy long life of the spouses. Guests discuss gifts with the bride and groom in advance, and the newlyweds must send thank-you cards to all guests attending the wedding a few days after the ceremony.

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By the way, the American newlyweds are very responsible for such a wedding ritual as the honeymoon: they pre-select the travel route, book themed evenings in selected hotels and, often, invite the photographer with them.

It is curious that the American wedding tradition suggests the so-called “wedding rehearsal” - a preliminary holiday dinner a few days before the celebration itself.

Mandatory wedding ceremonies in America are also - the engagement, which invited a fairly large number of guests, as well as a cheerful bachelorette party / bachelor party, which is traditionally arranged by the bride-witness / witness of the groom.

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