Wedding preparations

Preparing for the wedding - the occupation is very romantic, but at the same time incredibly difficult. It is necessary to include in the celebration plan not only the bridesmaid's dress, invitations and restaurant menu. The list of tasks for the wedding can be stretched on several sheets, and the process of preparation will be delayed for more than one week. In the end, you get so tired that you don’t want any celebration.

And in order to facilitate this task for you, we have drawn up an approximate wedding plan. All you need is to arm yourself with a notebook and a pen, and note for yourself those items that you think are mandatory in terms of preparing for the wedding.

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Preparing for the wedding step by step: where to start

In our preparation for the wedding, we will not include the definition of the date of the celebration, the choice of a witness and a witness, the choice of friends - with all this, the young are determined fairly quickly.

Our task is to provide for other important nuances, such as preparation of the bride for the wedding, the definition of the wedding budget, the process of registering the marriage and the meeting of the lovers from the registry office, the first dance of the young, the script of the contest program and entertainment for guests and much more.

Honeymoon and hen party

Of course, on the eve of the wedding, a bachelor party and a bachelorette party are certainly held. How to have fun this evening, we tell in our thematic reviews.

Getting ready for the wedding: what you need

There should be numerous shopping trips in the to-do list, because you will have to buy not only outfits and wedding rings, but also take care of beautiful invitations, consolation gifts for guests at contests, and a wedding box for donated money. In addition, you should be aware of the decorative elements that will be decorated with the place of celebration (this includes bows, colored napkins, beautiful candles, fresh flowers, balloons in the shape of a heart and everything your soul desires).

In the registrar except the rings and pads for them you will need:

  • Bridal bouquet (groom should also have a boutonniere).
  • Rushnik, which will tread the young.
  • Wedding loaf.
  • Champagne and beautiful glasses.
  • Coins, sweets, wheat, rose petals - to meet spouses from the registry office.
  • The first small gifts for young from parents and friends - for example, sliders for the future of the crumbs.

Also, you may need a first-aid kit, and don't let it sound strange - in the registry office any of the guests or the young people themselves may be alarmed and feel unwell, despite the solemnity of the event.

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Cake and treats

It must be ordered in advance, because the pastry chef must bake a masterpiece directly to the triumph, and in any case not be late. A selection of decorations and cake fillings are on the list of wedding chores.

In addition, guests need to prepare bonbonnieres, and the kids to buy various fruits and sweets.

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Wedding planning: contests and entertainment

A wedding without entertainment will not take place, so you should talk in advance with the master of contests and the procedure for their conduct Remember that the entertainment program should be made taking into account the age of the guests, because the younger generation will be delighted with the creative celebration, but the older ones should be treated with respect - punk-rock music is unlikely to be accepted by your parents with understanding.

Wedding plan: rehearsals

If the employees in the registry office quietly tell the young people what to do step by step, then having already left the institution, the spouse may become confused. That is why it is important to rehearse the scenario of the day - from the places where young people want to be photographed before entering the banquet hall and meeting with the guests.

The first dance is also a very responsible and exciting action, so the bride and groom must rehearse each movement several times.Of course, circumstances are often unpredictable, but you should not be confused in public.

In addition, it will not be superfluous to rehearse a speech of gratitude to parents.

To-do list

Of course, the groom preparing for the wedding is much easier, because he does not have to choose from the dozens of luxurious dresses the most beautiful. A man does not need to do hair removal, a few test hairstyles and makeup. But the bride will not only have to fork out, but also be patient with all the upcoming procedures.

A manicure and pedicure can be done not only by a lady - the groom will not hurt to put himself in order before the wedding. In addition, joint trips to the spa for body care treatments will be a boring exercise.


While the bride is busy choosing make-up and hairstyle, the groom should ponder what the ransom will be for his beloved. But the organization of the ransom process lies on the shoulders of witnesses - it is they who are entrusted to come up with difficult tasks for the groom.


Planning a wedding includes another important point - the choice of a place where young people go to their honeymoon. This is one of the most enjoyable activities in the list of preparations for the wedding.

From our thematic article Honeymoon you will find out where you can go with your first family trip. At your choice - the countries of Europe, islands and beautiful places of Russia.

Order room for the first wedding night

Today, many newlyweds spend their first wedding night in their apartment, but if you have been living together for a long time, the hotel will be an excellent option - here is a completely different atmosphere. Book a room is better in advance, especially if it is a popular hotel. Take care of beautiful bedding, candles, champagne and rose petals, unless of course you are tired of it all day.

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Car decoration

Witnesses should also worry about buying jewelry for the wedding procession, and decorate cars the day before the celebration. Well, in order to facilitate the newlyweds, friends can decorate the banquet hall on their own.

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Unseen circumstances

Rain is not predicted, a dirty outfit, a torn dress and much more can happen during the holiday, but you should not be confused.

Wedding umbrellas will help you to escape from the weather, a torn wedding dress can be stabbed with an invisible white color, and if this part of the dress is removed, there are no problems at all.Are you wearing a dress? The witness must have taken your most favorite evening dress with her - and in it you are as irresistible as in the wedding!

If your man has overturned something edible, you can always change your shirt in a hidden room or even try on another fancy dress.

Scenario of the second day of the wedding

If you plan to continue to celebrate on the second day after the celebration, you need to come up with a script. As a rule, on this day, friends check young people for readiness for everyday difficulties and hold contests for quick peeling potatoes, preparing some kind of dish, and so on.

Wedding plan

Some wedding organizers recommend preparing for a celebration 6 months before it, but be sure that in six months your head will overflow with ideas and problems, therefore the optimal time to start planning a holiday is two months or less.

It all depends on how unusual your wedding will be. If the celebration will be held according to the traditional scenario, then you will need 5-6 weeks to think about everything that happens on this important day.Well, if your holiday will be retro cars, designer costumes and a star toastmaster - start training in 7-8 weeks to avoid clutching your head on the last evening.

Photo-video fixation

Wedding preparations also include the choice of a wedding photographer and cameraman. There should be no problems with this - today there are incredibly many offers on the market for such services for a wide variety of budgets and requests from young people.

Wedding budget

Speaking of the wedding budget, add another 20% to the total amount of pre-calculated expenses. This part is in case you decide to purchase or replace something, and for some small expenses during the day (the same bride price).

So, when the approximate holiday plan is ready for you, it's time to calculate the budget of the wedding. We don’t give exact figures, because the amount directly depends on your city, photographer’s services, the richness of the menu in the restaurant and many other factors.

Wedding expenses can be reduced, and here are some simple ideas:

  • Cars: if your friends and relatives have cars, negotiate a favor with them - it will be much cheaper to pay for gas than to rent a motorcade from a company that organizes holidays.The same applies to decorations - bows of satin ribbons and other decorative items (including for a restaurant) can be made with your own hands, and you can buy material at any fabric store.
  • Dresses: Often buying a wedding dress costs a tidy sum. The output will be tailored to order - fabrics and consumables, plus the work of the master will be cheaper than designer items from the boutique. In addition, you can sew such an outfit, which is always dreamed of.
  • Restaurant: another expensive service - cooks, waiters, room rental. And when it comes to the wedding - the restaurant managers multiply the usual rate by two, and give you a shocking account. If you have a country house, you can celebrate an important event in the courtyard. To order the services of two or three cooks and provide them with their products is much cheaper than watching ugly oysters for anyone (after all, they remain untouched on plates).

As you can see, the cost of the wedding is easy to reduce, if the matter is approached wisely.

Preparing the bride for the wedding

This stage can rightly be called the most important, because it is the bride who is the girl for whom the guests are going on this day.

So, a manicure, a trial hairstyle, dress and veil, shoes, underwear, garter, bouquet, jewelry, bag filling - all this the bride must remember.

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However, we highlight a few important points:

  • Perfect skin: the first wedding night does not always pass passionately, because the spouse is tired of the day, and most of all you want to sleep. To awaken the feelings in the groom and not to sleep until the morning, the girl should take care of her skin condition in advance. Take advantage of the services of spa complexes, massage parlors and solarium, and do not forget to visit a cosmetologist - experts will help you make the skin clean, radiant and velvety to the touch. This applies more to the face, neck, and décolleté area - the most open places.
  • Hair: it's not for nothing that they say that curls adorn a woman, and on the wedding day your hairstyle should be excellent. Therefore, making masks, going to a hairdresser, using good cosmetics is important not only before the holiday, but regularly.
  • Dress according to weather and figure: the choice of dress depends not only on the time of the year, but also on the overall style of the celebration, and you should also take into account that the earlier the attire was bought, the more on the eve of the wedding it will have to be adjusted according to the figure.And it is better that the corset is not too tight, otherwise the whole day you will only think about how to remove the dress as soon as possible. The same applies to shoes - they need to raznashivat around the house in advance, otherwise rubbed and unpleasant feelings are guaranteed.

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Wedding training will be such a difficult task. We hope our tips will help you to easily calculate the budget and make a plan for a holiday.

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