Contests for the wedding are funny and funny

Many newlyweds think how to make the wedding interesting for guests. To do this, it is enough to order a fire show, invite a musical group, come up with cool and dance contests for the wedding, which will enliven the event.

Banquet - the most important stage of the wedding. His organizations are approached with responsibility - they decorate the hall, create a tasty menu, come up with an interesting entertainment program.

We need to try to make wedding contests universal, like contests for the New Year. At the wedding will come not only young people, but also grandparents. Consequently, contests must be suitable for participants in age.

I offer you 10 interesting options.

  1. "Sing a song". The presenter thinks of a certain word, and the participants all together sing a song in which the word is present. At the end of a small concert, the most vociferous guest receives a prize. If there are many guests, the competition can be repeated several times.
  2. "To dress the other."Competitors are divided into pairs. Each pair gets a bag of clothes. One member of the couple is blindfolded, and the second is wearing it. Believe me, the result of all cheer. Especially if you put comic garments in a package.
  3. "Ditty". Simple, perky and fun contest. Guests need to invent and sing chastooshkas about the newlyweds.
  4. "Burst the balls." Competitors are divided into two teams. A string is tied to the legs of each participant. Players must burst the balls of opponents. A team that has no balls left loses.
  5. "Prove love." The groom should tie the towel as tightly as possible. So he will be able to demonstrate his love to the bride. After that, he will have to untie the knot to show that he will resolve any conflict.
  6. "Cherished tape." The participants of the contest are a couple of girls and a guy. The girl holds in her hand a ribbon twisted into a hank. The guy with his teeth takes the end of the tape and tries to wrap the girl. So he creates certain clothes. The winner is the couple who manage to create the most neat and beautiful suit.
  7. "Family Budget". Players are divided into two teams.They need to know the prices in the country, because the toastmaster asks how much a certain product costs. Team members will have to respond quickly. The team that gives quick and correct answers wins.
  8. "Brook". Suitable for young people. Players divided into pairs, and ask to form a corridor. The participant without a couple passes through the corridor, choosing a nice person. A player who has lost a pair performs similar actions.
  9. "Tear the paper." Several participants sit on benches or chairs and lay on their knees on a piece of paper. After that, the girls guys sit on the hands of the guys. They will have to break this paper without hands. Wins a couple whose paper breaks the hardest.
  10. "Pour into a glass." Participate in a couple competition. The girl clamps a glass between her legs, and the young man holds a bottle of brandy or champagne. The guy gets to the girl and fills her glass with the contents of the bottle. Then the young man should drink the contents of the glass without hands. The fastest pair wins.

I suggested 10 interesting and fun wedding contests. I believe that this selection is very successful and amuse the wedding event.

Videos of the funniest contests

The conversation does not end there. Ahead of you is waiting for no less interesting material on the entertainment at the wedding. Keep reading and shake your mustache.

5 of the funniest wedding contests

Choose wedding competitions is not easy. In the course of solving this problem, take into account the tastes of the guests and the wishes of the newlyweds.

I propose to consider 5 ridiculous options that will entertain guests, cheer up and create a fun atmosphere.

  1. "Cheerful reporter". The toastmaster invites participants to become speakers. Each contestant says a tongue twister, with a candy in the mouth. The winner is correctly telling more tongue twisters.
  2. "Inflating balls." Best for men who want to demonstrate strength. Men inflate balloons until they burst. The victory goes to the one who is faster than the competition will burst all the balls.
  3. "Gladiator". On the waist of the men they tie ropes with small objects. For example, matchboxes or plastic Christmas toys. The length of the thread should allow the box to hang on the floor. Participants are trying to press the box of the opponent with their foot to the floor.Who quickly cope with the task, enters into a confrontation with another opponent.
  4. "Quick and attentive." Contestants take places at the table on which the prize lies. As the presenter completes the countdown, participants must remove the reward from the table. This is not so easy to do. To complicate the task, the toastmaster may use different numbers. The prize will go to the most dexterous and attentive player.
  5. "Football". Participants perform a variety of body movements and without hands, swing potatoes tied to a belt. Potato need to get into a small box and push it to the side of the gate. The participant wins the first who scored the goal.

Video of the original version

7 guest contests

If your friends who are planning a wedding have given you the role of toastmaster, and you are a complete newcomer in this matter, I suggest offering time-tested wedding contests for guests.

Most of the time guests of the wedding event are at the table. So that the gatherings do not become a mass absorption of festive dishes, guests are entertained from time to time.

It is not difficult to guess that the main advantage of table competitions is that guests do not have to get up from the table.

  1. "Compliments."The facilitator appeals to the guests with a request to express in turn several compliments to the newlyweds. Repeating is prohibited. Victory goes to the guest who utters the final compliment. The winner receives an amusing prize.
  2. "Family Proverbs." The master of ceremonies reads proverbs to the guests of the family. This applies only to the beginning of proverbs, guests must complete them. The winner is the participant who scores the highest number of points, correctly completing a sign or proverb.
  3. "Funny synonyms." Before the toast, the presenter reminds guests that it is difficult to imagine a Russian wedding without an invigorating and amusing drink, such as vodka or liquor. After that, he voiced the word "drink" and invites them to come up with synonyms. The winner is the guest, from whose mouth the largest number of synonyms will sound.
  4. "The blind waiter." Tamada chooses a pair and ties up their eyes. A man sits on a chair, and a woman is given a plate with a glass of vodka, a sandwich and salad. The girl should work a little waitress and serve the client.
  5. "Family restaurant." Only women participate, ready to show everyone their cooking abilities.At their disposal are a variety of incompatible products. Of them they have to make a salad. The victory will go to the participant, who will prepare the dish, using the maximum amount of ingredients.
  6. "Nuts". Only women participate. Put the nuts on the chairs, then sit on them participants. Each woman calls the number of nuts in her chair. The winner is the woman who will name the correct number faster than others.
  7. "Guess the melody". For the competition will require cutting of popular songs. After the beginning of the melody, the player who guessed it, raises his hands and says “stop”. Then the guest calls the composition. The guest wins with the greatest number of guessed songs.

Tongue Twisters

So, the guests actively participated in the competitions. It's time to work for the public and the newlyweds.

5 competitions for the bride and groom

The main thing is that contests do not hurt the pride of the participants, allow them to show their wit, and contribute to the formation of a positive attitude.

Almost all competitions are focused on quick acquaintance of guests. As a result, even the most shy individuals manage to get comfortable in the new environment.

  1. "Blackmail".A list of questions will be required for the meeting. Honeymooners are taken aside. The husband takes his wife in his arms and goes to his desk. It can take a step only after a positive answer to the insidious question.
  2. "Tournament newlyweds." The contest will help you to find out how well the newlyweds are prepared for family life. This is a kind of marathon. The culprits of the celebration can be made to peel potatoes, sew on buttons, hammer nails and even swaddle a child.
  3. "Guess a spouse." In the center of the room put a few chairs, which sit several guests and the groom. The bride, blindfolded, guesses the narrowed on a certain body. For example, ear or nose. After guessing wife and spouse.
  4. "Executioner". You will need to prepare a few questions and two jugs of water. The bride is to play the role of passive executioner, and the groom becomes a victim. Jug - guillotine. If the wife gives an incorrect answer to the question of the toastmaster, the contents of the jug will be poured onto her husband.
  5. "Family Fire". Guests must line up in two rows and form a corridor. The width of the corridor is about 3 meters. Newlyweds need to go through the corridor, holding candles in their hands.They should save fire because the guests will blow on it.

Such amusing contests for a wedding for the bride and groom are very popular nowadays. In general, the number of such contests is in the thousands. But, I believe, the selection of 5 popular options is enough for the newlyweds to demonstrate their love, devotion and faith.

Solemn banquet

Modern weddings are held in the same way. First, the bridegroom redeems the bride, then the marriage is registered, then the newlyweds walk, and finally the festive banquet.

The official part of the banquet is accompanied by greetings and gifts. Guests not only sit at the tables and eat, but also take part in competitions. And this is no accident, because contests are a guarantee of a merry feast.

Even music and dance groups do not give the holiday fun. In this merit only contests and games. Carrying should be done by a person with extensive experience in the background. He can ignite the public and compel him to participate in contests.

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Surely, you have seen that the role of wedding contests is extremely important. If a wedding is planned, be sure to pay attention to them, because the atmosphere on the holiday depends on it. My advice and recommendations will help in this matter.

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