Wedding box for money or rings

Wedding Casket
To create this original casket you need: • mobile phone box, scissors, needle and thread; • a piece of pink satin and double-sided tape; • width of organza ribbon: white - 5 cm, yellow - 4 cm, orange and light green - 2.5 cm each, a piece of tulle; • width of white and yellow floral ribbon and white openwork ribbon for gifts - 4 cm; • thread of small white beads, 3 large pearl beads, d va ring for gold; • stamens of white and orange color.
for the casket you will need
Initially, you need to make the casket itself, and then proceed to decorate it. So, carefully disassemble the box and Spread it on the cloth. Make allowances of 1 cm on all sides and cut.
 disassemble the box
Use double-sided adhesive tape to paste the box on with an atlas (slightly scorch the edges of the fabric to avoid shedding).Seam the fabric on the lid with the same thread on the inside out. On the front side of the bottom of the box, use a hidden seam to sew the satin at the places of its overlap.  Sew the satin at the places of its overlap
using polymeric glue, fasten a floral band around the perimeter of the casket lid (glue yellow flowers from the braid at the corners, then a white braid). In order to close the joint of the fabric on the end of the lid of the box, sew a thread of beads with a secret seam.  fix the floral tape Let's start making flowers and leaves from organza for cover decoration. White Flower. You will need 21 cm of white tape with a width of 5 cm. Lay a stitch with six U-bends, leaving a 3 mm allowance from each raw edge.
making flowers and leaves
Evenly distributing the folds, pull the ribbon and, having formed a flower, fix the thread.
Evenly distributing the folds
Twist together 5 pairs of white stamens.Fasten them to the center of the flower.  Affix them to the center of the flower Yellow flower. Take a 21 cm yellow ribbon with a width of 4 cm. Lay the stitch in the same way as for the white flower and form petals. For the middle, twist 3 pairs of white stamens.
 Orange Flower
Orange Flower. You will need an orange ribbon with a width of 2.5 cm and a length of 27 cm. Lay a zigzag stitch and pull the tape tight. Fasten the thread.
Fold in half
Fold in half 3 pairs of orange stamens and sew along the tape assembly line.
 tape assembly lines
At the base of the orange flower sew 2 pointed leaves with assemblies of light green organza. For each piece of paper, use a 6 cm ribbon with a width of 2.5 cm. Then fold the ribbon as shown in the photo. On both sides, place 2 wrinkles and sew on the bottom edge.
 bend the corners
Make 3“ Parus ”leaves.For each piece of paper, you need to take 13 cm of tape with a width of 2.5 cm, fold it in half and bend the corners.
 Tighten the tape and secure
Starting from the corner, lay the stitches along the fold along the downward sloping line, further along the straight line and again along the inclined upwards. Tighten the tape and secure it.  From a piece of light green ribbon From piece of light green ribbon and 3 beads for pearls open pea pod.  with an orange flower From individual elements (stem, leaves, pod) gather a composition with an orange flower.  Cut out from tulle Composition" Wedding Rings ". Cut out a tulle round with a diameter of 4 cm. In the middle, slightly attach a thread. Fix the rings on the fat with glue.
Arrange the elements of the composition on the cover of the box. Make notes with a pencil and apply glue to these places.Attach all the elements of the composition.
 of the casket lid
With double-sided tape, attach a white patterned ribbon 4 cm wide on the sides of the casket.
 Wedding Jewelry

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