Weave a New Year's Lollipop with a Christmas tree

We weave a Christmas-treeNew Year's lollipop, which can be used not only as a New Year's decoration, but also as a keychain or jewelry for a gift.

Materials and tools:

  1. 4mm clear crystal beads
  2. red crystal beads 4 mm;
  3. red faceted crystal beads 4 mm;
  4. green bead (double cone) 4 mm;
  5. white beads 2 mm;
  6. 3 mm copper wire;
  7. thin wire for weaving;
  8. Cutters.

Step 1

We weave two parts according to scheme (A). For weaving we use white beads 2 mm, transparent crystal beads 4 mm, red crystal beads 4 mm.

Step 2

We interweave two parts from Step 1 according to the diagram (B).

Step 3

We will weave (connect) the edges of the resulting parts from Step 2, for this we use the scheme (C).

Step 4

Bite off 20 cm of copper wire, we string 9 red faceted crystal beads of 4 mm onto it. We thread both ends of the wire into a green bead.

Then both ends of the wire through another 9 red beads and tighten.

The upper end of the wire is bent downwards and passed through a green bead; we string 6 beads on it, bend the end around the last bead and pass it through the other 5 red beads.

We do the same with the other end.

We fix both ends of the wire in the middle, bite off the excess and the ends.

It turned out a beautiful bow of red beads, which is attached to the candy.

It remains to make a loop, for this we string white beads on a wire, fold it in a loop and weave it into a lollipop.

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