Weather in Moscow in December - what will be the beginning and end of the month according to weather forecasts. What the hydrometeorological center promises for Moscow and the region on December 31

MNG-002Very snowy, moderately cold at the beginning of the month and more severe at the end - that's what the weather in Moscow is planned for December 2016. The preliminary forecast of the hydrometeorological center promises a stably low air temperature during the first winter month and only one sharp warming to 0 ° C in about 18-20 numbers. The same weather situation will also be established in the Moscow Region. In the southern parts, the average daily temperature will not exceed -20 ° C. In the north, the mercury column confidently overcomes this barrier and rises to -23 ... 25 ° C. There will be a lot of precipitations, but by December 31 they will cease and on the New Year's Eve a little cloudy, dry and frosty weather will be established in the capital and the surrounding area.

The weather in Moscow in December 2016 - the most accurate forecast from the Russian weather center

The beginning of winter is relatively mild in Moscow. In the first two days of December, a thermometer in the morning will record -1 ... 3 ° C, and at night from -7 ° C to -9 ° C. From the third day it will sharply become colder and the average daily temperature indicators will fall first to -5 ... 7 ° C, and then to -10 ... 12 ° C. On December 11 and 12 a little warmer and at thermometers it will be -5 ... 8 ° C in the daytime and -11 ... 13 ° C in the evening. Dense clouds and regular snowfalls will last up to the 12th, and from 13 Muscovites and guests of the capital will enjoy a clearer and more sunny weather. However, the long-awaited warming it will not bring.



From December 14 to December 17 it will be consistently cold (from -11 ° C to -18 ° C in the daytime and -20 ... 21 ° C at night). On the 18th, a sharp warming will descend into the city and the air will first warm to -3 ° C and then to 0 ° C. Along with the increase in temperature, the nature of precipitation will also change, the snow will become wet, and eventually will turn into ordinary rain and will wash away part of the snow drifts from the streets.



From December 22 to December 27, sharp temperature fluctuations are waiting for Moscow. The mercury column, in the full sense of the word, will "jump" from -1 ° C to -8 ° C, and then back. Stable weather will return to the capital only by December 28. On this day, the temperature will drop to -17 ° C and this trend in the weather will continue until the last days of the year.The abundant snow will cease only by the 30th, and the New Year's Eve will be met by a variable cloudiness, no precipitation and a typical winter temperature of 20 ° C.

Weather in the Moscow region in December 2016 from the weather center - that weather forecasters promise


Frequent severe cold snap, cloudy, sunny days and snow, turning into a hard, thorny rain - this is the weather, according to the hydrometeorological center, will reign in the Moscow region in December 2016. Traditionally, more frosty temperatures will affect the northern and northwestern regions. South and East will feel the truly winter breath of December only in the second decade of the month. At the same time, abundant snow will fall over the whole territory and movement along roads on private vehicles without appropriate equipment will become more problematic.

Forecasters suggest that during December in the Moscow region will fall about 60 mm of rain, the lion's share of which will have to snow. Rains are potentially possible, but only on those days when the temperature in the region rises above 0 ° C, however, such a climatic situation for the first month of winter will not be characteristic.


The air temperature from the northern part at the beginning of the month will be 8-12 degrees of frost, and after 20 numbers it will drop to -18 ... 25 ° C. The strongest cold in the region will be fixed in the last days of the outgoing year and this trend will last until mid-January 2017.

Weather December 31, 2016 and New Year's Eve in Moscow and the Moscow Region


Dry, frosty, with partly cloudy weather - this is what the weather will be like on December 31, 2016 in Moscow, according to the forecast from the weather center. According to weather forecasters, having woken up in the morning, Muscovites and guests of the capital will see that the temperature of the thermometer has confidently settled at around -21 ° C. By noon, the weather will improve slightly and the air will become one degree warmer, and at nightfall, the cold will beat the city again with its icy fingers. The night temperature will be -24 ... 25 ° C, so everyone who wants to hear the chiming clock is not at home in front of the TV, but directly in Red Square, will have to dress very warmly, wrap themselves in scarves and take mittens with them. Without all this, celebrating the coming of the Fire Cock Year in the open air will be extremely uncomfortable.

In the area on New Year's Eve the weather will be almost the same as in the capital.At the beginning of the day, thermometers will show from -18 ... 20 ° C in the south and southeast and -22 ... 23 ° C in the northern and north-western parts of the region. By the end of the last December days, it will become colder by 2-3 degrees, the wind will increase (up to 3.5 m / s) and the Moscow region will meet 2017 with quite traditional winter weather.

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