Want to look younger by 10 years? Your choice - plazmolifting!

What is a plasma lifting?

Plasmolifting (or cellular rejuvenation) is a revolutionary development of Swiss scientists, which has taken a strong place in the top-new skin rejuvenation techniques. The basis is the use of the patient's own blood plasma, which makes the method 100% biocompatible and safe.

A small amount of blood undergoes special treatment, during which it is enriched with platelets and anti-aging serum. After that, blood plasma is injected into areas that require rejuvenation: the face, neck, decollete area, etc. The procedure takes very little time: the effect on the face is about 20 minutes, local - from 5 to 10 minutes.

The effect is visible after the first session! The maximum result is achieved after 3 procedures with a frequency of 1 time per month.

How it works?

It has long been established that platelets play a huge role in the processes of healing and tissue regeneration.They contribute to the increased production of collagen, hyaluronic acid, elastin - the unique components of our body, responsible for youth! Therefore, the more platelets in the blood, the better and more pronounced effect. The color and texture of the skin improves, the wrinkles are smoothed or disappear, the scars become less noticeable, and the skin is more elastic and moisturized.

Plasmolifting as well as mesothreads, can be used both for rejuvenation of certain zones (for example, cheeks or skin around the eyes), and for the whole face. The procedure is equally effective for men and women. The recommended age is from 28-30 years. After all, cellular rejuvenation is not only the elimination of existing signs of aging, but the main thing is their prevention!

What is plasma-lifting fighting?

It helps to solve the most common problems of aging skin:


  • eliminate flabbiness, skin atonicity
  • smooth small and medium wrinkles
  • struggles with sagging skin
  • returns turgor and elasticity
  • significantly improves the complexion


  • prevents hair loss, strengthens the hair follicle
  • accelerates the processes of regeneration of scar tissue (scars after surgery)

After the procedure, the skin tightens, fine wrinkles disappear, and the middle becomes less pronounced, the skin acquires a healthy color and appearance, the hair grows thicker and faster. Unlike other methods of rejuvenation (such as mezonites, for example), plasmolifting is used not only in cosmetology, but also in dentistry, trichology, sports medicine and even gynecology. This is a time-tested and science-based technique that has proven its highest efficiency and safety.

Today in the world, and in particular in Russia, the Swiss plasminotherapy REGEN LAB is considered to be the most effective, and the procedure itself is called PRP-therapy. There is a huge difference in how the blood is processed (in a special centrifuge), which serum is enriched and in what conditions the procedure takes place. Therefore, when choosing a clinic and methodology, pay attention to these 3 factors. So, for example, the Swiss PRP therapy method guarantees:

  • Platelet viability (while other manufacturers cannot give such guarantees, which leads to uselessness of the procedure);
  • High quality serum components that enrich the blood;
  • Work only with clinics that have a medical license! (it is not recommended to do the plasmolifting procedure under sterile conditions, for example, in the cabin!)

Is it safe?

Since only your own blood is used, the procedure is safe, has a minimum of contraindications and is compatible with other therapies. In plasma-lifting, laser and chemical preparations are not used, there is no physical or light effect on the skin. It does not cause allergies, rejection, does not leave scars and marks, does not require rehabilitation. Rejuvenation occurs solely due to the biological effects of the enriched plasma of your blood, which occurs not from the outside, but from the inside. And most importantly - the result is noticeable after the first procedure.

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