Want to feel free? Go to Cuba

“Island of Freedom”, this name stuck with Cuba, after the young revolutionaries headed by Fidel Castro overthrew the regime of the pro-American ruler and declared the country free. Today, Cuba, located in the north of the Caribbean, annually attracts more than 1 million tourists from all over the world, being one of the most popular holiday destinations. There is everything to feel in paradise: the cleanest beaches with white sand, the clear expanse of the sea, incendiary music, delicious food and entertainment for every taste.

Where to go?

Cubans consider the picturesque nature to be the main property of their country, therefore, it is from there that one should begin his acquaintance with the island.

  1. Locals are very proud of the Vinales Valley - they are incredibly beautiful karst landscapes, which have been declared a UNESCO heritage. You can also get acquainted with the architecture of local settlements and see the world-famous fresco painted on the rock by the artist Leovihildo Gonzalez.
  2. If on holiday you want to admire something more refined, be sure to go to Soroa - orchid garden. It is located on the territory of the reserve of the Sierra de Rosario, and on its territory you can see more than 20 thousand species of these refined, delicate plants. The garden dates back to 1943, when a well-known Cuban lawyer decided to build a mansion and plant orchids in honor of the 15th anniversary of his beloved daughter.
  3. Revolution square. Cuba, first of all, is known as a country of revolutionaries, so it is a sin not to see with your own eyes the largest area of ​​the capital, the buildings on which were built during the time of the severe dictatorship of Batista. It was here that Fidel Castro delivered his fiery speeches every year.
  4. Mausoleum of Che Guevara. The city of Santa Clara was the last place of the Cuban resort, which took control of the revolutionaries, achieving the overthrow of power. But it was there that the famous Che, along with his brothers, died during the operation of the American CIA. A huge monument towers near the mausoleum, and the museum has rare footage of Guevara depicting golf and eating a hamburger. Also among the exhibits you can see the famous beretand a diploma of his medical education.
  5. In addition to revolutionary reminders, tourists like to visit the House of Ernest Hemingway. For a while the writer came here all the time, and then completely moved. And he did it for the sake of his third wife, who was tired of wandering from place to place. There are many different hunting and fishing trophies in the Hemingway house, as well as a huge number of books.
  6. Cigar factory. Do not know what to look special on Cuba? Visit the Francisco Donatien Cigar Factory. There you will be able to see with your own eyes how the cigars are twisted by hand and even try to make one of them yourself.
  7. Continue the theme of national symbols in the Museum of Roma. You will definitely be shown and told about the preparation process of the famous Havana Club, and by paying for the entrance ticket, you can also taste this alcoholic beverage.

Fun for every taste

When you get bored of exploring historical sights, go for a vacation. There are countless places in Cuba, here are some of the most popular ones.

  1. Beaches Varadero. This picturesque place has a "blue flag" - a certificateawarded the cleanest beaches in the world. Here is concentrated a huge number of places of entertainment and all kinds of entertainment centers. But who wants to think about it, basking on the white sand and enjoying the pleasant coolness of perfectly transparent water.
  2. Cabaret "Tropicana". This place is never empty. Being in the shadow of palm trees, it beckons daily shows in which more than 200 participants are involved. Crazy energy dance, delicious cocktails and national cuisine will complement the overall atmosphere of fun and celebration. But it's worth knowing that there is a dress code in the cabaret, you will not be allowed to enter it in jeans and a T-shirt.
  3. Casa de la Música. A great place for those who love salsa and music. Twice a day there are musicians playing in different styles, and at night you can come off to the incendiary rhythms of local DJs.
  4. Diving centers. In the capital of Cuba, there are as many as five. You have a great opportunity to dive in an area of ​​100 km along the coastline and see the amazing underwater world with corals, exotic fish, turtles and even sharks.

Real jam!

Arriving on Liberty Island, it’s a sin not to try national dishes. Therefore, in one of the pleasant evenings, go to a restaurant, get real gastronomic pleasure.

  • Ahiako Criollo. This appetizing dish is a kind of thick vegetable stew, for the preparation of which the meat (most often chicken) and vegetables are grilled or stewed in clay (ceramic) pots. The composition will necessarily include green bananas, corn, pumpkin and sauce.
  • Congri. It is difficult to call it refined, but you will remember the taste forever, moreover, you will long feel full. Congri is made from black beans, onions, rice, pepper and garlic. It will appeal to both vegetarians and meat eaters, because in expanded versions smoked sausages are added to congri.
  • Ice cream. Back in the 60s, Fidel Castro started the production of this dessert, which was served in the famous cafe Coppelia. Since then, the delicacy has become very popular and is made exclusively from natural products.
  • Cocktails. This is what can not be abandoned on Liberty Island. Cubans are an expert in refreshing alcoholic beverages that will help you to feel the true taste of a carefree life.

Go shopping!

Among the many souvenirs every traveler will find a cute thing for the soul.In Havana, near the embankment, there is the largest market in the country. There you can find products of local artisans: leather belts, shoes, national musical instruments, cigar cases. Also, as a souvenir or a new item of wardrobe, you can buy a Guyabéra - a national shirt, which the locals always wear.

Summer all year

It is always warm in Cuba, there is a tropical trade-wind climate here, so the temperature of water and air is never below +25 degrees. It is only worth considering that when choosing the time to fly to the Island of Freedom, you should not forget that from November to April there can be rain showers, but in the period from May to October, as a rule, the weather is dry and pleasant .

Accommodation in Cuba will be affordable for any traveler, because here you can find both 5-star hotels and more economical options called “guest houses”.

What is needed for security?

Cuba is considered a fairly prosperous country, and its capital is quite safe for any tourist. But, to avoid unpleasant situations, it is still necessary to follow some simple rules.

First, be careful when exchanging currency, it is better to do it officially. After all, Cubans, although friendly, are still rather poor, so they will not miss the opportunity to deceive some traveler.

Secondly, Cuban residents often wear jewelry and are greedy for gold accessories. Tourists are advised to leave jewelry and large sums of money in the hotel safe in order to avoid theft.

Border Crossing Rules

The amount of currency that you can take with you, going to Cuba, is limited only by Russian legislation. In this regard, the Cubans have quite democratic rules. Among the things that can not be imported, crossing the Cuban border, are food products, narcotic substances, weapons and pornographic materials.

But going back home, we must remember that to export from the country are not allowed items of national value, some species of plants and animals. If you bought jewels on the island, be sure to save the receipt you need to present. You can freely remove cigars in the amount of up to 50 pieces, their cost should not exceed 2 thousand dollars.To take with them is also allowed up to 2 liters of rum.

Cuba is a very special country. The predominant poverty of its people is not at all reflected in their love of fun and holidays. Coming here, many realize that happiness does not need money at all, you just need to be able to enjoy life.

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