Walking clock yourself

Such watch-clocks can be not only a detail of the doll interior, but also an independent object, for example, a charm or a Christmas tree toy.

You will need:

wooden planks(student lines,details of children's designers, lotto,planks from fruit boxes);some beadsor a pair of beads for the weights;a circle of thickgolden paper for a pendulum,cut or embossedpiercer;two pins for sewing;a piece of golden thread,imitating the chain;PVA glue; match;ruler; pencil; scissors;hacksaw with small teeth,awl; clippers; small pelt; paint.

For this master class, we still need a knife. If for some reason you don’t have it, you can alwaysbuy a folding knife in Kiev

Cut out the details of the body and the watch's roof from picture A.For this, it is better to use a hacksaw for metal, as its small teeth will hardly damage the wood, they will not leave chipping on small planks.

Glue the parts with PVA glue and dry for at least 4 to 5 hours. Remove glue by knife or sandpaper.

"Golden" circle of the pendulum glue to the pin with white glue.

Type a thread of beads imitating weights, and fix the ends of the thread with PVA glue to fix.

Fold the thread with weights so that they are at a different level, and using a match, push the thread with the match all the way into the hole in the base of the hangers. In the same match stick a pin with a pendulum and fold it aside.

The hanging loop is a pin stuck into the center of the ridge of the roof. For convenience, the hole is initially gently punctured with an awl.

You can paint these watches in any favorite style.

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