Victoria’s Secret model showed what her breasts really were.

Spoiler: not at all the same as in the shows.

Supermodel Carly Kloss has been one of Victoria’s Secret's most famous angels for several years. 25-year-old model on a fantastic show of the brand looks insanely seductive. But at one of the recent secular parties, Carly appeared in a jumpsuit, the neckline of which reached almost to the waist and did not hide its charms. And she considered a bra simply unnecessary. And - voila - it turned out that the supermodel's chest is not so appetizing as on the underwear shows. More precisely, it is practically absent.

Carly Kloss
Photo: Getty Images

Usually, Carly hid her size of bust, which tends to zero, behind skillfully tailored outfits. Lingerie with a push-up effect, dresses with ruffles and frills in the neckline ... But, apparently, she was tired of it.

By the way, Carly is far from the only star with a small chest, who is not shy of her forms. For example,Keira KnightleyWith humor refers to his small bust and is not going to do any operations.Moreover, when for the poster of one of the films with her participation the breast of a Hollywood star was increased by three sizes, Knightley was outraged and filed a lawsuit. The court, by the way, she won and received as compensation $ 3 million.

Mille jovovichZero size does not interfere with filming topless in explicit scenes and a number of photo shoots as a model. In addition, the actress has repeatedly been recognized as one of the sexiest women in the world.

AVanessa paradisin her youth she was very shy of her thinness and small breasts, so she was forced to wear bulky clothing. But after a while I realized that the teenage figure makes her sexy in the eyes of many men. Now the actress and singer is proud of her forms and wears dresses with a deep neckline.

Meanwhile, gathered in one photo gallery of Karlie Kloss, in which her breasts seem very appetizing.

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