Useful tips on perennial plant breeding

Perennial plants have great potential. Not only that you can one day buy seedlings that will delight you for more than one season. Shoots can be divided by creating on your site the whole colonies! Learn to separate the young and old shoots. Some simple manipulations will allow to keep an excellent look to old plants, and to give life to new ones.

Carefully dig up an overgrown old plant.

To start, dig the entire root system around the perimeter. Using a spade stalk as a lever, lift a clod of earth above the surface. Be very careful: it is better to dig wider, and then manually remove the ground, but do not cut off anything extra.

Divide and rule!

Carefully remove all the soil from the roots, and then divide the bush into several sections. It is better that each has more than one shoot, so the plant will be stronger. But for some cultures that grow slowly, you can leave one shoot.Strong shoots can be separated with a garden knife, and for delicate ones do not use any garden tools.

Dig up new beds

Do not forget, your plant is prone to grow. Therefore, it is necessary to provide him with a sufficiently soft soil. The new hole should be at least twice the size of the root system. Leave free space for growth and in width and in length. Do not plant a few shoots too close, otherwise their root systems will intertwine again.

Add appropriate fertilizer to the soil.

Roots need to develop enough potassium. But it is important not only to add it to the plantings, but also to ensure the gradual assimilation by the plant. Bone meal is excellent for such purposes. All the necessary trace elements from it are released slowly and nourish the root system as it grows.

Plant new shoots as soon as possible.

The less time it takes to dig out the shoots before transplanting them, the less stress your plantings will suffer. The roots of young plants will not dry out and will be able to better adapt to a new place. Do not drop the ground too tight, but do not let the sprouts fall down.

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