Useful properties of pumpkin seeds

Useful properties of such an amazing overseas vegetable, like the pumpkin, which came to our land along with the Spanish conquistadors, are known, for sure, to many. An excellent medicinal and prophylactic agent, which is also very tasty and unusual in taste, has been settling on our dining tables for a long time and densely.

Very useful product

Still, because a weighty list of its benefits will please any hostess who dreams, as often as possible, to please her family with vitamins and valuable substances in the form of delicious and healthy food. But, as it turned out, the pumpkin is not only a delicious juice, bright and juicy pulp, it is also incredibly useful and palatable seeds that contain such a sea of ​​unique and valuable trace elements that even the inhabitants of China gave them their own, special name , "The emperors of the garden."

As it turned out, pumpkin seeds in terms of their curative and nutritional properties can compete with most useful and valuable foodstuffs, after all, inside such a small grain contains most of the entire periodic table.

Maybe the outside is not too appetizing, but thanks to the filling that is so valuable to the human body, recently they are becoming more and more popular not only among supporters of traditional medicine, but also among specialists of traditional methods of treatment. If it is interesting to you, than pumpkin seeds are useful, then this article is for you, because in it we tried to collect all the most important and interesting properties of such an unusual medicinal product.

The rich composition of the product - 99% success!

Many people know that pumpkin seeds are an excellent remedy against parasites, in particular against worms, even doctors periodically replace traditional medicinal preparations with them, which is not surprising, because pumpkin seeds do not contain anything that could have negative effects on the human body. an organism.

The main naturalness

Just the opposite, plus to everything, they contain “poison for worms” - kukurbitin, which is completely harmless to humans. To a greater extent, all the useful and important properties of pumpkin seeds are revealed when they are combined with honey, so the most effective antihelminthic remedy has the following recipe: peretert 250 g of raw seeds, mix with honey and lead to a state of homogeneous mass.

The drug must be taken on an empty stomach, consuming it in small portions for 1 hour. After 4-5 hours, you must take any laxative.

In general, the use of pumpkin seeds is not only in the fight against parasites, their rich composition, which includes virtually all the B vitamins, a large amount of vitamin E, and also a few A, D, C and K.

In addition, they boast a rich mineral composition: zinc, iron, manganese, phosphorus, copper, calcium, magnesium, potassium, selenium and many others, which in their combination create a truly unique remedy for many diseases.

For example, a high content of zinc is very useful for men, because this element prevents the occurrence of inflammation and prostate cancer, especially for men who, to a greater extent, lead a sedentary lifestyle (work-machine-home-machine-work). To prevent such diseases, it is enough for a man to eat about 60 grains per day.

The combination of phosphorus and zinc positively affects the functioning of the circulatory system, as well as the brain, and magnesium, which is also quite a lot in the pumpkin grains, is very useful for the heart and its contractile function.

In addition, pumpkin seeds are an excellent means of lowering cholesterol, as well as preventing the development of cancer. Potassium, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium have a positive effect on the health of the skeleton, beauty and youth of the skin, nails and teeth.

If you use at least a small handful of pumpkin seeds every day, you can get rid of many skin “troubles” - rashes, acne, acne - plus, a healthy complexion is restored, hair becomes stronger, acquiring a healthy and beautiful shine.

On the useful pumpkin seeds, probably, heard many sailors, because they are not bad help with bouts of nausea, which can occur during heavy rolling on the ship. By the way, pregnant women, who are in the initial stages, can suffer with quite strong toxicosis, and sometimes they are saved by pumpkin seeds. People who suffer from constipation can be saved with their help, as pumpkin seeds also have a mild laxative effect.

It turns out that pumpkin seed benefits not only in their internal use, but also externally: gruel of them can heal severe burns and difficult healing wounds if applied directly to the injured places.

Arguing about the indisputable benefits of pumpkin seeds, it is necessary to note the other side of such an amazing product: it turns out that in some cases they are capable of harming our body. For example, it is not recommended to get involved in their use to those people who suffer from serious diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, and also have increased acidity and poor patency of the intestine.

It is impossible not to note the high calorie content of pumpkin seeds, so their excessive use is contraindicated especially to those people who are overweight.

Treatment of diseases with pumpkin seeds

The use of pumpkin seeds in conjunction with hemp seed in a 1: 1 ratio facilitates diseases of the urinary tract and kidneys, and decoctions and compresses from pumpkin seeds, which are very easy to prepare, also have a positive effect.

To prepare the compress, it is necessary to crush 100 g of seeds of flax and pumpkin, knead them together with water in a thick slurry and attach to the area of ​​the kidneys. Also, pumpkin seeds are very useful for colds: they soften a dry cough, lower the temperature and reduce pulmonary bleeding.

It is better to eat them raw

Another known and widely used property of seeds is their soothing effect.If the night drink a decoction of milk on pumpkin seeds, the person quickly calms down and falls asleep, after which the sleep proceeds firmly and calmly. High caloric content of seeds is due to the large amount of fats and vegetable oils in their composition, which are also very widely used in folk medicine and cosmetology.

By the way, it is important to note that the real benefit from the use of pumpkin seeds is possible only if you use them raw, salted or fried pumpkin seeds lose most of their valuable trace elements and vitamins.

The most useful are fresh seeds, lightly dried in the sun. Also, we must not forget that excessive and systematic gnawing of their rind contributes to the deterioration of tooth enamel, so it is better to get a valuable seed by hand.

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