Useful properties of birch sap

So the long-awaited spring has come, the air is filled with warmth, nature comes to life, and with it her healing properties, which she carefully prepared and renews for a person every year. It was during this period that the most active movement of the sap began at the very, perhaps, beautiful and slender tree in Russian open spaces - birch.

The name is translated from Latin as “blessed” and, indeed, since ancient times it has been known that this tree was most loved, respected and worshiped in Ancient Russia.

Very healthy drink

The Slavs believed in its healing power, actively used its leaves, kidneys, bark and juice to treat many ailments. The birch brooms were made of birch branches, and today activated carbon is made from the ashes of such a tree. Whatever one may say, and the birch is completely beautiful, it is not for nothing that she is compared to a girl, refined and elegant, verses are devoted to her, but the most invaluable gift that she can give to a person is, of course, birch sap.

This priceless elixir has two important characteristics that distinguish it among other gifts of nature: incredibly tasty and incredibly useful for the human body.

It is a pleasure to be treated with such a drink, because it is enough to drink just one glass to saturate your body with valuable substances and get rid of many diseases, improve your psychological state and gain strength. What is so useful for birch juice for humans?

The benefits and composition of juice

The variety of useful properties of this healing drink fully echoes its rich composition: vitamins and trace elements, including glucose, iron, calcium, potassium, magnesium, barium, manganese, titanium, copper and many others!

In addition, the birch juice can boast the presence of organic acids, biologically active and tannic substances, as well as stimulants, enzymes and much more! This curative product is useful to everyone, without exception, it can be used by adults and children, sick and malnourished people, pregnant and lactating women.

In its appearance, birch juice resembles ordinary clear water, with small flavor tones that pleasantly tone and quench thirst.This drink is recommended for use by people who suffer from diseases of the digestive system, for example, inflammation of the duodenum, gallbladder disease or decreased acidity, heartburn.

Tasty and good many

In addition, it is quite successfully used to treat diseases of the urogenital system, if used regularly, you can get rid of stones in the bladder. Plus, it has a slight diuretic effect, which is successfully used to relieve swelling, especially in pregnant women.

Juice of birch can cure diseases of the joints and spine, as well as respiratory tract, for example, bronchitis and tuberculosis. Birch juice is especially useful in the spring months, when the body is weakened and requires vitamins, it can easily be enriched and saturated with a drink that easily relieves the spring spleen, adds strength and vigor to the body, strengthens immunity, relieves headaches and significantly improves the general condition.

Birch juice is used not only in folk medicine, but also in cosmetology: it not bad prevents hair loss, strengthens and nourishes them, after several weeks of using hair, turns into healthy and radiant curls.

You can apply this product to the skin of the face and neck: just wipe them with an ice cube of birch sap. This procedure remarkably rejuvenates the skin, makes it supple and fresh, with a healthy blush.

How to get such a healing drink?

In the old days, everyone knew where to buy a jar of good, fresh and healthy birch sap: they were sold in all stores, and everyone was confident in its quality, and the price did not bite. Today, things are a little different: manufacturers, to extend the short shelf life of such a product, add to it various conservatives and additives, which makes the drink not only unhealthy, but sometimes even harmful!

What to do? So, will have to abandon such a natural treasure? It is not necessary, especially if you live near a birch grove, because it is easy and simple to assemble it yourself.

Sold in stores

By all the rules, the collection of birch sap begins in the spring, namely in March-April, until the first leaflets are dissolved, usually in early May, after which the juice loses its beneficial properties.

It is necessary to collect it far from carriageways, highways and factories,Try to choose environmentally friendly places, as the tree is able to draw in all the harmful substances from the environment.

It is important to remember that when collecting birch sap, the most important thing is not to damage trees, because if you treat this issue negligently, they can easily get sick and die.

How is the correct collection process going? The main thing is to pick an older tree, at least 30 cm in diameter, than the birch is older and bigger, so you can collect more juice, besides it will be more useful.

At a height of no more than 80-100 cm from the ground in the trunk of the tree, it is necessary to make a small hole with a small bevel downwards so that the juice can flow down calmly. The depth of the hole should not exceed 3 centimeters, as the juice does not accumulate deep inside the trunk, namely in the surface layer, near the bark.

If in a similar way to extract the juice from younger and thinner trees, they can easily die from such wounds. A glass or wooden container for collection is put to the hole, and a small metal straw or twisted bandage can be inserted into the hole itself, which will help to direct the trickle in the desired direction.

The most important rule remains at the end: in order for the wound on the tree to heal as soon as possible, after collection, it must be closed with something, for example, a piece of moss, wax or garden wine.

If you leave everything as is, then in the wound can get an infection and the tree will quickly wither. Under the right conditions of operation, the average birch can yield up to 3 liters of juice, and for 1 season - up to 200 liters of such a magical elixir!

So this is the process of collecting, it is worth noting that the juice can not be stored for too long, after 2-3 days in the refrigerator, it will start to wander. If you want to prepare it for future use, then juice can be preserved, make a syrup or a foamy drink from it.

The interaction of birch sap with other ingredients

Many people wonder how to use this drink in addition to its fresh appearance. As it turned out, birch juice gets even more therapeutic effect, if it is mixed with other means, for example, with needles.

In warmed birch sap is added shoots of needles, prepare tincture, which becomes a universal remedy for the treatment of ureteral diseases, as well as for arthritis or rheumatism.

A very interesting combination is obtained if you mix mint and birch sap, after an uncomplicated cooking process, the juice is heated, and a soft drink is obtained that perfectly stimulates the appetite and improves the digestion process, reduces nausea.

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