Unusual experiments that will help to impress guests and cause real delight

Sometimes we want to go back to childhood and put on unusual experiences in our own kitchen. And maybe you need to urgently make an impression on the guests and cause a real delight? Here are a few ideas that will not leave indifferent either children or adults.

What happens if you put soap in the microwave? The result may seriously surprise you. Some experiments will require a serious cleaning of the kitchen. Therefore, it is better to first observe how they are carried out by others! For example, in this video a small piece, heated in a microwave oven for a few minutes turns into a real soap cloud!

No less interesting is the experience with soaking eggs in vinegar. In two days the shell will collapse and you will get a very elastic egg,which becomes like a rubber ball. The egg yolk does not change its consistency, and such an unusual form is provided only by a thin film. Do not risk to eat this egg!

But the portrait of the president on the twenty-dollar bill, it turns out, is able to manifest various emotions. But this requires some small preparations (1 minute and 20 seconds on the video). If everything is done correctly, the bill turns into real entertainment. And no need to spend money.

And a little trick with milk, dishwashing liquid and food coloring. Just a drop of money at the tip of a cotton swab does real wonders! I wonder why this effect is still not used in advertising?

Now in your arsenal are some tricks with which you can easily impress friends or entertain a small company of kids!

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