Unpleasant sweating feet - fight the problem

If you notice, taking off your shoes, that the people around are wrinkling and turning away, and suddenly the acrid and unpleasant smell of dirty feet appears in the air, then it is urgent to pay attention to this problem. Excessive sweating of the feet and the pungent smell, which, most often, accompanies it, can occur, both in men and in women, no one is immune from this, absolutely.

We must fight this

The fact is that the legs can not sweat completely, if only because their surface is completely covered with pores and sweat glands, which, by releasing moisture, provide us with thermoregulation, body temperature is always maintained at an optimal level.

However, it also happens that the level of excreted moisture increases significantly due to the impact of a number of certain factors, in which case a person has hyperhidrosis - a disease that is urgently needed to get rid of.

For some reason, many people are quite calm about the fact of excessive sweating of the feet, without much attention, without even thinking that this problem should be treated.The fact is that excessive sweating can not only cause an unpleasant smell, over time, it can lead to the occurrence and development of fungal and infectious diseases of the legs.

In addition to everything else, constantly wet feet are much easier to rub up to the formation of calluses, wounds and corns, from which, subsequently, it is not so easy to get rid of. If you are concerned about the question of how to get rid of heavy sweating feet, then, first, you need to deal with the causes that cause this unpleasant phenomenon.

Why do feet sweat?

  • The most common cause of excessive sweating of the legs, as you know, is uncomfortable, cramped shoes made from non-natural materials. This is especially true for men who are used to wearing closed shoes, for example, shoes, and even in summertime they forget about the need to change them to something lighter, more open. Synthetic materials that are used in the manufacture of shoes, do not allow the skin to "breathe", the same, by the way, applies to synthetic socks, stockings and pantyhose, especially if you are accustomed to wear them not according to the weather.
  • Improper foot hygiene, which is an insufficient number of water procedures, as well as means for washing.
  • Excessive perspiration can be caused by stress or nerve overstrain, which the person is currently suffering.
  • Active physical activity, physical activity.
  • Some skin diseases, such as foot fungus, can cause increased sweating and a sharp foot odor, which is accompanied by the appearance of cracks and unpleasant itching on the surface of the skin. In this case, you should immediately consult a doctor in order not to further aggravate your condition.
  • General infectious diseases of the body, deviations in the work of the central nervous system, as well as the formation and progression of malignant tumors.

Where does the unpleasant smell come from?

In fact, the special "scents" that are constantly haunting your feet do not arise from sweat, but from bacteria that live on the surface of our legs, feeding on sweat and dead skin cells.

Shoes must be quality

Their waste products, which fully “envelop” the entire surface of the foot, and cause such sharp odors that prevent us from living normally. Special "fragrances" to the common flower garden can add foot fungus, if there is one in a particular case.

How to get rid of such an unpleasant problem?

First of all, you need to completely revise your shoes: give preference to products made from natural materials in which the skin can breathe.

It often happens that leather shoes have a synthetic insole, be sure to replace it with leather and cotton, and also do not forget carefully, about once a month, remove and wash.

Do not forget to wash the shoes, air, and store in a dry closet. To destroy the unpleasant smell inside, you can put flavored bags with juniper and cedar fillers.

The next item, which allows you to get rid of excessive sweating of the feet, is the observance of the rules and regulations of personal hygiene. If there is an existing problem, the foot should be washed twice a day - in the morning and in the evening, the last time - with cool water.

During bathing, use special graters and pumice stones for the legs, they are necessary to remove the keratinized cell layer, which causes bacteria to multiply.

Massage perfectly affects the condition of the feet.

After washing the feet, wipe dry and spray with a special deodorant for the feet. In order to keep your feet in constant dryness, you can use a variety of powders, such as talcum powder or potato starch.

The treatment of such an unpleasant problem is possible with the help of folk remedies that, not worse than professional ones, help in getting rid of sweating and unpleasant foot odor. For example, foot baths are very effective, which are especially relevant in the summer, when the appearance and smell of our legs are on display.

Such baths should be combined with a foot massage and peeling, and the procedure should be repeated every day, as a rule, before bedtime.

Effective baths against sweating of feet

  • A good effect has contrasting foot baths, the alternation of cold and warm water has a very positive effect on the work of sweat glands. For decoction, you can use a variety of medicinal herbs and ingredients, such as bark of oak, birch, oat straw, walnut leaves or medicinal initial letters.
  • Baths with the addition of potassium permanganate are effective, for this it is necessary to dilute the water with the crystals before the formation of a light pink shade. Feet should be kept for 7-10 minutes, then wipe dry with a towel.
  • Flaxseed, sea salt, strong brewing of black tea, lemon peel and honey, mint leaves, St. John's wort and rosehip are also considered good ingredients for making footbaths.

How else to deal with sweating?

In addition to popular recipes, there is a huge variety of medication drugs - ointments, creams and other antiseptics that help to cope with the immediate problem.

Usually, they are resorted to when it comes to traditional medicine that is powerless; sometimes, in cases of serious infections, the use of serious prescription antibiotics or fungicides is mandatory for effective treatment of the disease.

A good tool that also helps in the treatment of foot sweating is a foot massage. Usually it is carried out using light aromatic oils, which not only smell pleasant, but also compete well with bacteria on the surface of the feet. Just apply a few drops on the foot, then massage it into the surface with massage movements.

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