Types of garage doors: garage, sectional, automatic, sliding, swing

Today there are several popular designs of garage doors, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages. The ones that are most often used include sectional, sliding, hinged, tilt-up and folded. Any type of listed garage doors can be made automatic, while leaving the opportunity to open and close them in manual control mode.

Sectional garage doors

Convenient and practical design, which is a dial-up door leaf, which opens and closes, moving along guides located at right angles to each other. One pair of guides is mounted in the doorway, on the sides, the second - in their upper part inside the garage parallel to the ceiling.The use of sectional doors, recruited from durable, securely interconnected in a single canvas sandwich panels, saves space, providing high thermal and sound insulation. A rather flexible design nevertheless makes it possible to install an additional door or window at the gate. In the automatic version, they can operate from a remote-controlled electric motor, a stationary console installed near the garage, or from a manual mechanical drive. The disadvantages include the complexity of the design and low resistance to burglary, they are recommended to be installed in a protected area. The price of such models is from 700 dollars.

Retractable garage doors

Gates, consisting of a monolithic movable sash, also well proven in operation. It can be located both inside the garage and outside, opening and closing, moving along two parallel rails. This design is reliable and convenient, and is also good because in winter it is not necessary to clear the snow in front of the gate. The disadvantages include the fact that in the open state the sliding door requires additional space, and that it functions normally,additional side space should be 1.5 times wider than the doorway. This type of gate can be chosen if you can afford the construction of a spacious and wide garage. The cost of this type of gate - from 1000 dollars.

Swing garage doors

Traditional swing gates are notable for reliability of construction, they are simple in manufacturing and operation, they can be made of quite affordable and cheap materials, their price is from 300 dollars. Typically, the basis of the swing garage doors is a metal frame, sheathed with the same sheets. For insulation, you can use foam or apply for the manufacture of sandwich panels. In the swing gates you can easily make a wicket. They are single- and double-leaf, and usually, to save space, the doors open outwards, which in the winter is inconvenient — it will be necessary to clear the snow in front of the gate. This design can also be automated, although a separate drive will be required for each sash.When installing it should be noted that where heaving soils, swing gates should be installed at 10 cm from ground level.

Tilt and turn garage doors

This gate is a monolithic metal leaf installed in the doorway, changing position from vertical to horizontal with the help of a hinged-lever mechanism. Being in a closed, upright position, the garage door fits snugly to the doorway, closing it securely. Taking a horizontal position, it takes place under the ceiling. This is a rather complicated structure, the safety of which is ensured by the side springs with which the door plate is kept in balance. These gates are controlled remotely using an electric motor or in manual mode. The design allows you to make these doors insulated and even decorate them at the request of the owner. The disadvantages include the high cost - from $ 1,200, a small threshold at the entrance to the garage, as well as the need for extra care: to open or close the sash, additional space is needed, the car must stand at a safe distance.In order for the tilt-up mechanism to function without failures, the installation of the gate must ensure that increased requirements for the shape of the opening angles are met.

Folded garage doors

This relatively recent design resembles a bus door, but they can be arranged both vertically and horizontally, in case the flap is single. Folding gates save space, there is no need to clear a lot of space in front of them in winter, and hermetic gaskets between the doors provide reliable thermal insulation of the garage room. It is easy to install viewing windows in the doors, as well as to install electric motors on them so that they can open automatically. The price of the folding gates is low - from $ 300, but there is a significant drawback - the instability to mechanical damage and shocks.

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