Trailer of the "War of the Currents" with Benedict Cumberbatch

Hawking, Van Gogh, Turing, Sherlock at last! Benedict Cumberbatch loves to transform into insane geniuses. And the new role in the intellectual piggy of an actor is the role of the great inventor Thomas Edison in the biographical drama “War of Currents”. The picture tells about the eclectic war, which in the 80s of the XIX century, Thomas unleashed with George Westinghouse (Michael Shannon), an American industrialist, the founder of the company "Westinghouse Electric". The electricity industry was just beginning to develop, and everyone wanted to get their share and go down in history.

In addition to Benedict Cumberbatch, you will see Tom Holland (“Spiderman: Return Home”), Nicholas Holt (“Mad Max: Road of Fury”) and Catherine Waterston (“Fantastic Beasts and Where They Live”) in the film. And they almost forgot: Timur Bekmambetov became one of the producers of the film. Premiere - November 24th.

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