TOP-5 of the most popular Russian video blogs YouTube

0Today, in order to gain fame and glory, no need to try to get on television or in the media. Enough to create your own video blog on YouTube, and make it interesting for viewers. This is not an easy task, as the competition among blogs is very high, and there is a real struggle for the viewer's attention.

But nothing is impossible, and today we will tell you about the most popular Russian video blogs on YouTube, which not only beat all attendance records, but also bring considerable income to their creators. Come and see them too!

№ 1. Channel SlivkiShow

The creator of this popular educational channel is Yuri Yaniv. He is also helped by the image of the cat Cooky, which attracts the audience. The channel in an interesting form tells about the many useful life hacks, reviews of various Chinese goods are made and there are many more useful things in the same spirit.


No. 2. Channel “+100500” (“Pluspits”)

Maxim Golopolosov's channel, which occupies the leading lines for many years - this show is familiar, it seems to everyone. Maxim makes weekly reviews on various videos from the Internet, making funny comments on them. The channel is easily recognizable by the leopard background in the background - it remains unchanged from the very beginning of the channel.


No 3. Channel “This is Good”

The creators of the channel “This is Good”: Vitaly Golovanov, Stas Davydov and Sergey Fedorenko. These are direct competitors of Maxim Golopolosov with his “+100500”. Previously, this show went on the "First Channel", but now it is flourishing on YouTube. The guys make funny reviews and show the ratings of video recordings, flavoring all the big chunks of humor.


№ 4. Channel Kate Clapp

This channel belongs to the representative of the fair sex Ekaterina Trofimova. She tells her viewers about everything that she finds interesting. This is a kind of personal diary, where she talks about herself, her hobbies and travels, and also answers questions from the audience. The channel has a well-known foreign analogue - an American blog, called Jenna Marbles.


№ 5. Sasha Spielberg Channel

Sasha uses the image of an ordinary schoolgirl, a simple girl, making a video about her life, and even making music videos. Therefore, its main audience is schoolchildren.It attracts the masses with its simplicity and cheerful attitude to life.


It was the top 5 most visited and profitable Russian video blogs on YouTube. And how do you like them? Do you find them interesting enough? Share the article with your friends, maybe they will find something interesting in them to your taste!

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