Top 5 indoor plants with the most lush and beautiful flowers

It is enough to put only one such plant in the room in order to significantly transform the interior. Why? Because indoor plants with the most lush and massive buds admirably decorate the room, unwittingly captivating the eyes of the hosts and guests. One such plant boldly replaces the bulk bouquet. Another remarkable property of plants with lush buds is the creation of balance in the house. If there are too many massive and heavy interior items in the room, the volumetric and colorful plant will easily balance them. Let's get acquainted with the 5th most beautiful favorites.

Large-leaved hydrangea

The colorful hats of the inflorescences of this plant cannot help but be liked. Of course, as a potted plant hydrangea inferior to garden flowers, however, from it you can grow a wonderful bush with bright inflorescences.Hydrangea should often be trimmed, forming a small crown. In this case, it will bloom beautifully and very magnificently.

Bright red ixora

This plant has a second speaking name - the flame of the forest. Externally, it is a small shrub, which with age can develop into a massive plant. Ixora blooms from mid-May to September, releasing buds of lush inflorescences.

Soft Primula

It is limited to low bushes (up to 20 cm), on which large green leaves and small flowers collected on direct peduncles adorn themselves. Such umbrellas on one primrose can be very much. Coming together, they form a magnificent indoor plant.

Body Justice

This plant also has a second speaking name - a flamingo flower. Bright blossoms of justice unwittingly resemble these magnificent birds. The plant will certainly become the main decoration of the interior.

Pentas lanceolate

It blooms almost all year round, reaching a height of about 30-50 cm (it all depends on trimming). It is necessary to form the crown especially carefully, since pentas very quickly grows into an impressive and incredibly beautiful plant.

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