Top 4 anti-wrinkle creams

What rules should be learned in order for the skin to regain a healthy color and elasticity?

Of course, none of the actions will not return the old youth (except for plastic surgery, but now we are not talking about that), but the fact that your skin will change is for sure.

First, do not forget about peeling. It is very important to do this procedure so that your renewed skin gets rid of the old layer. Secondly, drink more water. Old age is dehydration. Observe the daily rate and with time, not only your skin will improve, but also your health. And third, use anti-aging creams. But any cream, acting strongly, have equal chances of both success and failure. So do not despair if the cream did not fit you and do not rush to quit searching. The main thing is to find “your” ideal means among the multitude.

Top 4 anti-wrinkle creams:

1. The first place is taken by Vichy Liftactiv Retinol HA cream. This cream scored more positive reviews. Contains retinol and composition pleases. Sold in pharmacies.

2. Neutrogena Healthy Skin Anti-Wrinkle Cream is in second place. It is considered the best anti-aging cream in Europe.Excellent moisturizes and nourishes. Sold in online cosmetics stores.

3. OLAY Cream "REGENERIST. Microsculptor of the face". Contains peptides, very powerful, smoothes even deep wrinkles. Not suitable for everyone.

4. CLARINS MULTI-REGENERANTE JOUR aims to produce your own skin collagen. It protects against negative environmental effects, strengthens and improves elasticity.

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