Top 10 sms messages that you can not write to your ex

Top 10 sms messages that you can not write to your ex

Top 10 sms messages that you can not write to your ex

Before you write a text message to a former guy, try to observe the basic rule of the gap and do not communicate with him for a month. And when sending the first text message after a break, always take into account the fact that the former guy may not answer you at all - or the answer is not at all what you want.


What sms in no case can not write to your ex?



Messages in one word.
No hello or hey. If you have something to say or ask, write it in the first smske - immediately to the point, otherwise your former one will long wonder what you meant by sending your "hello."



Emoticon Messages

No winking smiles, no flirting in sms - you broke up, and now such things are unacceptable.



Claims and swearing in SMS

If you still can not survive your break and are very upset, write a friend or a friend - do not send offensive messages to your ex-boyfriend simply because you are lonely or bored. And one more thing - in no case write to the former SMS, if you have drunk a little.



“Why don't you answer my sms?” And “Did you get my message?”

Send a single smsk. If your ex does not respond, just accept the fact that he no longer wants to keep in touch with you.



Sms clarifying relationships

Never try to sort out the relationship with your ex by SMS. If you have already parted, then surely the conversation-showdown took place - and it means that neither you nor him have anything more to add. In general, it is better to sort things out personally, and after a break it is generally to discuss them with friends, but not with the person who broke your heart.



"Thinking of you"

This SMS will not help you get it back. It is quite natural that after the break both you and he will be thinking of each other for a while. But, since you are no longer together, your former has nothing to know about what — or about whom — exactly you are thinking.



Sms with candid photos
It's all very clear - never and in no case do not send your former candid photos. You will not achieve anything by this, but, most likely, you will only make it worse.



Sms with requests to return

Even if you are desperate and, spitting on pride, you are ready to beg the ex-boyfriend to come back and start all over again - in no case do this by SMS.



Second, third sms ... and so on

As soon as you found out from the former everything you wanted - stop writing him a text message. Always end the conversation first - including sms-dialogue with the former guy. And, if in doubt, never write a text message to a former guy. Never.

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