Top 10 smartest people in the world

Why are science given to one person with difficulty, while others from childhood know how to solve complex problems? It's all about intellectual abilities and brain work. We invite you to find out which people on the planet are considered the most intelligent.

The cleverest

So, the top 10 most intelligent people in the world:

1. Stephen Hawking- a unique person and an example of the fact that even a serious illness can not prevent to live, develop and improve. Stephen was born in Oxford in 1942 into a family of a doctor and secretary. Already in 20 years, the guy graduated from Oxford University. In 1965, Stephen married, later he had a son and two daughters.

Already in the early 60s, Hawkins began to show the first signs of the disease - amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. As a result, the disease led to almost complete paralysis. Still, to this day, Stephen can communicate thanks to advanced technologies.

Stephen Hawking

In addition, he continues to lead an active lifestyle, despite the venerable age and immobility. Hawking received a lot of awards and made important discoveries in the fields of physics and cosmology. Also, they have written many books.In general, it remains to wish this amazing and strong person prosperity and success. Stephen's IQ is 160 points.

2. Paul Allen- a vivid example of the fact that with the help of intellectual abilities one can make a fortune. Paul, together with Bill Gates in 1985, created the existing and flourishing to this day, Microsoft, which develops computer programs.

But Allen did not want to devote his whole life to the firm, so he later sold most of the shares, and then completely left the corporation. Then Paul began to invest promising space projects.

Paul allen

For example, he financed the creation of the first private suborbital spacecraft, as well as the development of a super-powerful radio telescope, which could be used to detect living beings on other planets. IQ Paul Allen is 170 points.

3. Kim Ung-Yong.This man was born in 1962 in Korea. When ordinary children just started to talk, Kim already knew several languages. And it's two years old! By the age of 4, the boy was already able to solve rather complex arithmetic problems.

The abilities of the prodigy were noted in the Guinness Book of Records, and at 5 years old the boy was invited to television, where he demonstrated his abilities to the whole world.At the age of 8, Kim entered the university, and at the age of 15 received a doctorate in physics.

Kim Ung-Yong

In addition, Ung-Yong continued to study languages ​​(by the way, they were given to him incredibly easily), and also painted pictures and wrote poems. In 1974, the guy began his research activities, and later mastered the field of civil engineering. Kim has written many scientific articles about hydraulics. The level of intelligence is incredibly high and is 210 points!

4. Sir Andrew WilesHe was born in 1953 in Great Britain, and at the age of 10 he decided to prove Fermat's theorem using school knowledge. This boy failed, but he did not give up and decided to study science in depth.

Sir Andrew Wiles

Efforts were not in vain. He became a fairly well-known mathematician and eventually proved Fermat’s theorem using his knowledge and technical methods. Andrew is a knight of the Order of the British Empire, as well as the owner of many awards for scientific achievements. IQ Andrew Wiles is 170 points.

5. Rick Rosner. Today he is a fairly well-known screenwriter, actor and producer, as well as a successful person on the list of the most intelligent. Hard to believe, but Rick's IQ is 192 points.

Rick Rosner

And especially hard to believe in this was before, because Rosner had worked as a waiter, a model, a model, a doorman and even a stripper. Here is such an interesting life.And yet his intellectual abilities helped Rick, he achieved success and earned respect.

6. Garry Kasparovwas born in the Soviet Union (in Baku) in 1963 and became a real pride of the USSR, since at the age of 22 he was the best and at the same time the youngest successful chess player. Harry has a lot of titles and titles: a master of sports, an Oscar winner for the best chess game, a winner of chess Olympiads, a champion of Russia and a world champion.

Garry Kasparov

In 2005, Kasparov announced that he was completing his sports career. Harry decided to devote his life to politics and today is a fairly successful and well-known politician who opposes the policies of the president and regularly criticizes Putin’s activities. Kasparov also writes books. IQ is 190 points.

7. Judit Polgar- the famous and incredibly successful Hungarian chess player. Judith was born in Budapest in 1976. At the age of 15 she became the youngest grandmaster of the world, overtaking Bobby Fischer, who had this title, for a month.

Father Judith has been training his daughters since his earliest childhood and proved that a person can achieve incredible success if he aspires to this from childhood.

 Judith Polgar

By the way, Judit is the only titled and famous female chess player in the world. In 1993, Polgar beat Anatoly Karpov, and in 2002 - Garry Kasparov himself. Many consider Judit to be a chess “killer,” since a girl can unmistakably predict the next move. IQ Polgar is 170 points.

8. James Woodsis one of the smartest celebrities. Today he is a world-famous actor, but he could well have become a scientist or a brilliant politician. James was born in the USA in 1947. Educated Woods strictly, he grew up in a military family. This is probably why the guy was a brilliant student and easily entered the University of Massachusetts at the Faculty of Political Science.

James woods

James studied perfectly, but still decided to leave politics and chose a career as an actor. On the account of Woods there are a lot of famous films, such as “Chaplin”, “Ahead”, “Once in America” and many others. In 1998, James received his well-deserved star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Also, Woods received two Oscars and three Emmy Awards. IQ is 180 points.

9. Christopher HirataToday he works in the field of Mars colonization projects. At age 14, the guy entered the California University of Technology, and at the age of 16 he collaborated with NASA. At 22, Hirata defended his doctoral thesis in astrophysics.IQ Christopher is 225 points.

Christopher Hirata

10. Terence Taosince childhood was incredibly gifted and intelligent. At the age of 2 he began to learn mathematics. At the age of 9, the boy attended math courses for students. At the age of 20, Terence received his doctorate from Princeton University and began teaching there. And at 24, the guy became the youngest professor at the University of California. Tao also published more than 250 scientific papers. IQ is 230 points.

Terence Tao

Now you know how smart a person can be.

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