Top 10 secrets of a happy family life

Why do some couples live happily ever after, while others constantly quarrel and eventually diverge? Is it possible to save a family and build an ideal relationship? Are there any secrets or tricks?

Happiness is in our hands

Secrets of a happy family life

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We offer you the top 10 secrets of a happy family:

  1. Friends and partners. If the spouses are not only husband and wife, but also good friends for each other, then the marriage will definitely be strong and happy. What does it mean? Remember how old good friends communicate. They share secrets and experiences with each other, constantly joke (sometimes even gone or inappropriately), give each other advice and are always always at their side in difficult moments. Become friends for each other and you will see that you always have something to talk about. You don’t get bored with a friend, do you? But there is one caveat: even under the condition of such friendly love relationships, we should not forget about friends, because women need girlfriends, and men need companions and friends.
  2. Confidence.Without trust, a strong family cannot be built. What is trust? If you trust, you will not check the phone number of your spouse, call him constantly if he is delayed. Yes, gaining confidence is not easy, but it is so easy to lose! How to be? If you still do not trust the partner, then evaluate his actions. Does your spouse lie to you, is he responsible for his actions, does what he says and promises? If so, then perhaps it is time to trust him? As for his trust in you, then deserve it. Do not lie, keep promises, do not hide anything from her husband. And take care of trust, it's so easy to lose!
  3. Be able to forgive. Insults not only prevent us from loving, being happy and enjoying life and every day spent with a loved one and loved ones, but they can also undermine our health. So do not hide offenses, learn to forgive. Of course, there are things that are impossible to forget. But does it make sense to live with a person who commits unacceptable actions for you? No. But to be offended by trifles just do not need. If the spouse in anger said something unpleasant, forget about it. And remember another important point: if you have forgiven a person, never remember what he did, never blame him for that.
  4. Do not try to change partner and customize for themselves.After all, you fell in love with him just this way, with all the oddities, flaws and "cockroaches in my head." Yes, it's probably annoying you husband's habit of scattering socks. But is it possible to compare socks and your priceless love and strong family? Close your eyes to trifles and accept the person as he is. Of course, if the spouse himself wants to change something in himself (for example, to get rid of some bad habit), by all means help him in this. But never push or force.
  5. Not me, but we. Remember that the family is one. After all, you once swore to each other to be together in joy and sorrow, in sickness and in sorrow. So, first of all, try to eradicate your egoism. If you think only about yourself, it is unlikely that your partner will like it. Secondly, take all decisions together. Even if you need to buy a washing machine or iron, consult your spouse. Thirdly, if one of the spouses has some kind of problem, then it should automatically become common. Fourth, never share things or responsibilities.
  6. Compromise. Without him in family life can not do. If you learn to make concessions, you will soon notice that disputes and conflicts have become much less. Sometimes it is just necessary to give in so as not to offend the partner and not to spoil the relationship.If you take into account the opinion of the spouse, then he will start to reckon with yours. But it is important to understand that an ideal relationship and a strong family are mutual concessions. That is, both must yield, otherwise one will always be in unfavorable conditions, and the other will consider that he is the main one in the family and has the right to decide everything for everyone.
  7. Learn to talk. It would seem that there is difficult? But according to statistics, most spouses can not conduct fruitful conversations. What's wrong? The first problem is the inability to listen. If your partner says, refrain from comments and corrections, wait until he gets it out, and then start answering. The second problem is the inability to speak. Learn how to build phrases correctly and speak normal language. Avoid rough words, they can seriously hurt. The third problem is the inability to control emotions during a conversation. If you feel that "boil", it is better to postpone the conversation and calm down. And the fourth problem is the reluctance to talk. Both spouses must understand that if the problems are not discussed, then they will not disappear by themselves. If you learn to talk, you will notice that life has become much easier.
  8. Sex.Yes, sex life is very, very important. If you believe the statistics (and believe it should), then a certain number of people decide to commit adultery just because they are not satisfied with the intimate life with a partner. But after all, such a problem in most cases is completely solvable. First, you need to be frank with each other. If you like something or, on the contrary, do not like it, speak about it honestly. Otherwise, how will the spouse understand what gives you pleasure? Secondly, the husband and wife must be more liberated. The embarrassment in bed is inappropriate and not at all necessary. In the end, you are native people! Why shy and shy? And, thirdly, do not be afraid of experiments. Probably, what seems vulgar and even unacceptable to you will actually deliver such a pleasure that you have never experienced.
  9. Love each other. Many will think that this item is superfluous, because without the love of a family there can be no a priori. But some love, but either forget about it, or are afraid to show feelings, but in the end, the second half begins to doubt the love of the partner. Never be afraid to show feelings! Kiss, cuddle, more often confess your love.But do everything from the heart, and not because it is necessary. After all, you love a spouse, right?
  10. Look for common interests. If the spouses do not have common activities, hobbies and interests, then at one point they may seem alien to each other. So by all means find something in common. It can be films of a certain genre, hobby for some kind of sport, travel and much more. The general lesson will allow you to see features that were previously unknown. And a joint passion will help to spend more time together and get close. In general, some solid pluses!

Remember the most important secrets of family life, and your marriage will surely be strong and happy!

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