Top 10 most famous short actors

Small stature is not an obstacle to achieving goals. And some actors were able to prove it!

So, the 10 most famous actors of small stature:

  1. Elijah Wood. The growth of the hobbit known all over the world is only 168 centimeters, and this does not prevent him from living at all, but even helps, on the contrary, in his career. After all, if it were not for this feature, then surely they would have taken someone else for the role of Frodo in the legendary Lord of the Rings saga. And although for many, Elijah continues to be that sweet hobbit, he changes his role with ease and his inherent talent. He starred in films such as "Infections", "Maniac", "Open Windows". And in them, Wood played the role of far from harmless characters. And very few people pay attention to its growth, it’s not the main thing.
  2. Daniel Radcliffebecame famous thanks to the role of Harry Potter, but he successfully continues his career and develops new images. And the growth of the guy is only 165 centimeters, but this does not prevent him from being considered one of the sexiest actors. Radcliffe's career began at age 11, he is now 26 years old, and he already owns a fortune.In addition, Daniel is a talented theater actor. He also continues to act in films, in his films such films as “Woman in Black”, “Notes of the Young Doctor”, “Girl without Complexes”, “Victor Frankenstein”, “Illusion of Deception-2”.
  3. Woody Allentalented in everything, because he is an excellent actor, director, comedian and screenwriter. And his height is only 165 centimeters, which is not much for a man. But this does not prevent him from working and developing, and his experience is more than 50 years! Woody is the owner of four Oscars, including three for the work of the screenwriter, and one for the director's work. And in 1997, he committed an almost crazy act - he married his stepdaughter, five years before that, ending his long-term relationship with her mother (admittedly, though).
  4. Danny DeVito. Among the actors of low stature, of course, it is worth noting this charismatic and talented man. By the way, the growth, which is only 147 centimeters, became his real business card and even a ticket to a successful life (of course, the acting talent did his job). And this feature helps Danny get the role, and the directors are very appreciative of her, because she is the addition of any comedic image. DeVito played in such a number of comedy films that it is simply impossible to remember everything.The most famous and memorable are Junior, Man on the Moon, Big Fish, Friends, Once Upon a Time in Rome.
  5. Dustin Hoffman. His height is only 167 centimeters, but this did not prevent him from becoming a successful and well-known worldwide actor. And fame came to Dustin after the role of Benjamin Braddock, which he played in the film "Graduate". Hoffman is not afraid of really difficult roles and with ease and talent reincarnates in completely different characters. So, he managed to play the patient with autism Raymond (“Rain Man”), a woman (“Tutsi”) and even a pickpocket (“Midnight Cowboy”). And all this, of course, did not go unnoticed: Dustin received five Golden Globes and two Oscars, and this is worth a lot!
  6. Salma hayek. This sexy Mexican actress is already forty-nine years old, but she continues to be one of the most attractive and successful women in the world. She has such paintings as From Dusk Till Dawn, Four Rooms, Faculty, Spy Kids, Once Upon a Time in Mexico, Frida, After Dusk, Classmates, Fat in the Ring ". In addition, Salma is the wife of the famous French millionaire Francois-Henri Pinault.In general, the life of this woman was definitely a success, and probably the height (he is 157 centimeters) helped.
  7. If we list the lowest male actors, then we should first put the famousPeter Dinkleidge. He began his career back in 1995, but could only be known in 2003, and his role in the film “Stationmaster” brought him fame (for which he was nominated for the Actors Guild Award). But today, everyone knows Peter because of his role in the legendary series “The Game of Thrones”, in which he played the charismatic heir to the throne Tyrone Lannister. By the way, the growth of Dinkleyage is only 135 centimeters, and this is due to the congenital disease - achondroplasia. But Peter managed to prove to himself and to the whole world that even an ailment and non-standard appearance cannot prevent him from achieving the goal.
  8. Hilary Duff. This young girl, who was recognized by many as Lizzy Maguire from the same series, managed to turn into an attractive, sexy, confident and talented girl. She continues to act in films, but she also tries herself in other areas: Hilary managed to release several lines of clothing and even write books, in general, she doesn’t waste time and always reaches her goal.And this is despite the fact that the growth of beauty is only 157 centimeters. But, probably, such a highlight also helps the girl in life.
  9. Reese Witherspoon- not only a talented, successful and highly paid actress, but also a mother of three children. By the way, she is already 40 years old, but she continues to look great and delight fans with new roles. Throughout her entire acting career, Reese has appeared in such famous films as “Cruel Intentions”, “Man on the Moon”, “American Psycho”, “Legally Blonde”, “Monsters Against Aliens”, “So, War” and so on. And, by the way, miniature growth, which is only 156 centimeters, does not interfere with this beauty in life at all, and, perhaps, even helps.
  10. Hayden Panettiere- the lowest among women actresses, her height is only 153 centimeters. And she does not complex at all because of her diminutive growth and believes that real girls should be just that: fragile, small and defenseless. Such representatives of the weaker sex, in her opinion, attract men. And Hayden proved it, because Vladimir Klitschko himself fell in love with her, against the background of which she looks even more miniature (the height of a boxer is about two meters).

They were the lowest actors.And they once again prove that small growth is not a drawback at all. You just need to turn it into dignity and present with pride!

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