Top 10 horror films of 2013-2014

Want to know what you are afraid of? Then watch a horror movie and try to tickle your nerves. And which films are the worst? We learn!

So, the top 10 worst horror movies:

1."Spell". Surprisingly, the film is based on real events. Lorain and Ed Warren were researching paranormal phenomena. On their account, there is far more than one amazing story, but they were afraid to remember one case. Two girls turn to the couple who report that the ghost of the dead girl Annabel wants to move into the doll.

After permission, the ghost does this and a series of frightening cases begins. The doll moves, moves objects and even leaves notes. Later, the Perron family turns to the Warrens. Spouses Roger and Carolyn and their five daughters move to a new home and soon notice that something new is happening with the new housing.


One of the daughters finds a music box in the lake in which, according to the girl, her friend Rorri lives. Something terrible is beginning to happen in the house, and Lorain and Ed decide to find out the history of the house.They learn that there was a series of murders and suicides associated with the worship of Satan himself. One of the ghosts moves into Carolyn and makes her kill her own daughters. Can we cope with the dark forces?

2. "Astral: Chapter 2"included in the list of the most terrible mystical thrillers for a reason, the film is really frightening and confusing. The plot is a continuation of the story described in the first part. In an effort to uncover the secret connection with the other world, the Lambert family moved to the homes of Josh's mother.

Astral 2

But in the end it turns out that they are not the only ones who move there. After traveling to astral, Josh behaves strangely, which is why his spouse and mother assume that a ghost rules his body. This ghost belongs to the maniac Parker. It turns out that Josh had seen Parker in childhood, and after this meeting the maniac jumped out of the window. In addition, the ghost haunted Josh since childhood. The house is a terrible one, and the spirit wants to find a new life in a new body.

3.Thriller "13 Sins"was released in 2013 and deserves attention. In the story, Eliot Brindle, who is the main character of the film, is literally in debt and has financial difficulties.The guy is meek, modest and works in the social service, but at the same time very smart. Suddenly, Eliot hears a phone call, picks up the phone and finds out that he has become a member of a television show.

13 sins

The conditions are incredibly simple, because all you need to do is 13 tasks. The prize is money, so the guy agrees. The first task seems simple, but each subsequent one becomes more and more dangerous. In the end, Eliot realizes that the game has gone too far. But there is no way back.

4. "Telekinesis"- Another one of the scariest and most interesting films of the world. Homely Kerry has always been shy; everyone in school considered her an ugly duckling. Classmates constantly mocked the girl, and the relationship with her mother was strange, as the woman fanatically believed in God and everything connected with him.


But it turns out that Kerry has unique abilities and can control objects with the power of thought. When a girl finds out about this, she decides to develop her talent. Mockery from classmates continues, and at the prom Kerry is humiliated so much that she decides to retaliate. Revenge will be terrible and sophisticated.

5. Movie list continues«Curse of 3D 2», which was released in 2014.In the story, a young graduate student, Foucault Ando, ​​who studies psychology, takes on her niece, who has lost her mother.

A curse

The girl is 4 years old, she is silent and constantly draws something. At first, Foucault believes that her niece has withdrawn from everything and has withdrawn herself from everyone and has closed in herself, but then realizes that the girl supposedly knows something that others do not know. The girl studies the drawings and realizes that they depict terrible events that eventually take place in reality. Foucault is trying to figure out what's going on, and stumbles upon a strange video recording, which is related to a case that occurred 5 years ago.

6.One of the new “horror” -"Paranormal phenomenon: the mark of the devil". Ghosts that tormented the heroes of the previous parts, again break free. School graduate Jesse lives with her grandmother and father. The apartment to the floor below lives a neighbor, Anna, who is considered by many to be a witch.

Paranormal phenomenon of the devil

Later, Anna dies, and Jessie, together with her friends, decides to look around the apartment of the deceased and stumbles upon strange drawings and photographs, among which she sees her own. Everything points to the fact that Anna really was connected with the other world. After the visit, the guy discovers that he has unique abilities. But it turns out that such abilities are a kind of mark of the devil.First, Jesse enjoys skills, but then evil forces overpower the soul of the guy, and the terrible begins to happen.

7. “Judgment Night 2”. The film has not yet appeared on the screens, but it promises to be incredibly scary. The world of the future, it would seem, is ideal: no crimes, everyone lives by the law and does not do anything wrong.

Judgment Night 2

But once a year, everyone has the opportunity with impunity to do what they want. On this doomsday, a young couple hurries home, but a car breaks down to get there. Will the heroes be able to break through the chaos and stay alive?

8. "Dark Heaven". In the plot of the film, residents of a quiet little provincial town notice that something mysterious, unknown and terrible begins to happen to them. First, the lights and all electrical appliances are turned off in the whole city. Then the children find dead birds falling from the sky.

Dark skies

Then the wife Burren notices that someone is hunting for their son. It turns out that aliens invaded the town, who for some reason needed the children of the townspeople. But why is it necessary for the aliens? And will the inhabitants be able to resist the alien race?

9."Possession 18". Possession 18 is an ordinary high-rise building located in the Lilac Hills.In this place they plan to build a prosperous new microdistrict. But while prices for apartments are low, and newlyweds Maxim and Sveta decide to buy a living space. Joyful spouses celebrate housewarming, but soon joy gives way to doubt, and then horror.

Possession 18

The watchman looks more like a warden, the neighbors are suspicious and silent. And later ghosts begin to visit the couple, telling their horror stories of deaths. Sveta and Maxim understand that they need to quickly run out of this death spot. But will they survive?

10. “B / L / O 2”- one of the worst psychological thrillers. The main characters of the film are a couple of detectives investigating mainly adultery. But suddenly a mother turns to them, concerned about the disappearance of her son, a student. Detectives are sent to the home of the missing guy and find there tapes with videos that they decide to watch.


The records are amateur, but what was seen is scary and terrible. The first tape was recorded paranormal, on the other - the infection of people with a virus that turned everyone into a zombie. Other recordings were incredibly scary too.After reviewing everything, the detectives realized that they themselves unwittingly became participants in nightmarish events.

Stock up sedatives, look for a company to watch and plunge into the world of horrors!

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