Top 10 best fragrances for a young girl

An important component of a stylish image is fragrance. And what will suit the young girl?

What fragrances should young girls choose?

How to choose perfume? Fresh and light aromas that emphasize youth and carelessness are more like girls. So, many people choose berry, fruit or floral notes. And you can buy a "cocktail", obtained from several notes.

But in any case, the mix should not be too complex, otherwise the sound will not be appreciated, and the image may seem overloaded. The young, stylish beauties will not suit the train, woody and chypre fragrances, they will seem excessively heavy and intrusive.

When choosing a suitable flavor should be considered character. So, if you are an active girl, then choose fresh smells that will accentuate your position in life. If you are a romantic and gentle person, you should prefer floral notes.

Take into account the time of the year, real stylish ladies in the arsenal have several perfume bottles.So, in the summer floral aromas will be appropriate, but in winter they will be pleased with spicy notes creating a New Year's mood or, on the contrary, fruit and citrus fruits reminiscent of a warm season. In the spring, pay attention to fresh smells, and in the fall, choose sweetish ones.

The best scents

So, the top 10 most interesting fragrances for a young girl:

  1. Escada Lily Chic. The aroma contains notes of apple, pear, lily of the valley, lemon, lime, grapefruit, as well as amber. Since the perfume belongs to the family of fruit and flowers, it will suit the girls cheerful and will always be reminded of the spring and the gentle rays of the sun. And, in general, such a smell can be called universal, because it is suitable for both romantic dates, and for everyday affairs, as well as for business meetings. This is freshness, complemented by light sweetness.
  2. Bright Crystal by Versace. This fragrance was created by Donatella Versace, who knows a lot about fashion and youth style. It combines everything that is characteristic of young girls: glamor, sensuality, femininity and notes of rebellion. The composition includes whole bouquet of juicy and sensual smells: pomegranate, lotus, rose, magnolia, musk, amber, mahogany.This fragrance will definitely appeal to a bright, stylish, bold and sensual girl who knows her worth. The owner of the spirits will always remain sexy, charming and at the same time charming and tender. And the bottle will please with its stylish design.
  3. Mademoiselle Chanel. This fragrance will please and surprise with ease and freshness. Smell is associated with freedom, audacity, firmness of character, as well as impeccable elegance. It will suit girls who understand what they want from life, and always go to their goal. Freshness is miraculously replaced by the sensuality of a floral bouquet and gradually turns into a contrasting train. And all this is achieved thanks to two components: the absolute of the May Rose and the absolute of jasmine. And all this is complemented by Florentine toffee. Also in the aroma there are notes of vanilla, patchouli, bergamot, mimosa, mandarin, orange and white musk.
  4. "Lacoste Joy of Pink". If you are accustomed to enjoy every moment of your life and enjoy every day, then this fragrance will suit you. Pink color is associated with romance, tenderness, sensuality. And all this is traced in the aroma, the heart of which is the notes of peony and liqueur "Blue Curasau". But first you can feel a bright and sparkling grapefruit.The smell is reinforced by the base notes of cedar and musk, which give the smell firmness and certain confidence, and so many young girls lack it. The owner of such spirits can be recognized by the ringing infectious laughter. The fragrance is suitable for frequent guests of parties and social events. Any lady will be a real star.
  5. "Baby Doll" from "Yves Saint Laurent". And although this fragrance was created in the already distant 2000, it still remains popular among girls. And why do you love him so much? First, for a stylish unusual bottle. Secondly, for the stunning light aroma, which reminds of the brightest moments of life. This light bouquet includes floral notes of freesia, lily of the valley, roses, heliotrope, mixed with juicy smells of orange, pineapple, black currant and apple. And all this is fixed cedar, sandalwood, tonka bean, sandalwood, vanilla and cedar. These perfumes will suit the romantic nature, help you feel the “butterflies in the stomach” and go on a journey through the land of love - France.
  6. "Burberrys Touch". This fragrance sparkles, glows and shimmers. He makes the image romantic, feminine, sensual and slightly naive.Spirits belong to the family of fresh flowers, so they are suitable for young and active girls. Top notes are cassia, cranberry, black currant, blackberry, orange, rose and red pepper. The heart of the smell is represented by notes of raspberry, peony, lily of the valley, lily, jasmine and peach. And the base is based on tonka bean, almond, vanilla, cedar and oak moss. This fragrance will remind you of the touch of your loved one, emphasize the natural beauty and charm, as well as give grace, tenderness, attractiveness and barely perceptible sexuality.
  7. "Flora by Gucci Eau Fraiche"- it is a bright, interesting and slightly unusual fragrance, belonging to the group of floral water. The heart is represented by notes of water, greenery, rose and osmanthus. Top notes are peony, mandarin, kumquat, lemon and bergamot. The base is represented by pink pepper, patchouli and sandalwood. This combination seems bold and bright, but it is very harmonious. Perfume suitable romantic, feminine, cheerful, young, carefree, but capricious and self-confident girls.
  8. “L’Abeille de Guerlain”- it is a delicate and sweet floral scent, consisting of notes of mimosa, jasmine honey, orange blossom, iris, lily, grape and lilac.Perfume was released in 2010, with a limited edition. Special attention deserves the bottle, made in the form of a huge bee with diamond wings. These spirits are suitable for dreamers, but they can be let alone, as the price is very high.
  9. "Candy", "Prada". This is an oriental caramel flavor that will delight sultry beauties and give a special charm. There are not so many components, but they are also enough to create a stunning alluring loop consisting of notes of caramel, benzoin and white musk. The smell is sweet and very appetizing, but at the same time naughty and playful.
  10. Listing the most popular perfumes, it is worth notingDaisy Eau So Fresh Sunshine by Mark Jacobs. This is a bold, bright and uplifting composition consisting of notes of apple, strawberry, grapefruit, jasmine, rose, violet, amber and cedar flowers. The smell is not at all obtrusive and almost universal, as it is suitable for all occasions.

Helpful Tips

A few helpful tips on choosing the right perfume:

  • To understand whether the fragrance is right for you, try on it and wear it. This will allow you to feel all the notes of the spirits and their sound on your body, as well as to assess the resistance.Go to the sutra store, apply toilet water to your wrists and sniff them during the day.
  • It is believed that the ideal flavor on your own body is not felt. So if you constantly feel the perfume, most likely they do not suit you.
  • If you can not make a choice, then get a few probes. This will allow not only to choose the most suitable aroma, but also to change smells depending on mood, a case and a season.
  • If you buy perfume as a gift, you can find out from the hero of the occasion, what kind of toilet water she uses, and pick up something similar.
  • It is important to use perfume properly. Do not "pour" them from head to toe. A few drops on your wrists, neck and hair will suffice.

Choose the right fragrance and enjoy!

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