Tom Cruise takes care of his shooting partners like younger sisters

"It was 1983, I was only 22. The producers demanded that I be bared in two scenes of the film, although I refused to do it even on audition and still somehow got that part ... When Tom found out about it, he was outraged and took my side. One of the scenes, we have not removed, thank God - he was able to agree. And when they were filming the second, Tom showed solidarity and insisted that in that case he too be stripped. He was still a rebel and a bully! ”Leah remembered with warmth.

Tom Cruise Post (@tomcruise)26 Apr 2018 at 12:30 pm PDT

Emily Blunt, who starred Cruz in the film "The Face of the Future", also left the most pleasant impressions of working with the actor. “Tom is a real feminist in the best sense of the word. He can inspire! To my surprise, he helped me a lot with the disclosure of my character - although if you think where he could know what is happening in the female soul ... In any case, I'm very grateful to him, "- told the actress after the premiere.

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