To make an avocado fast: 5 tricks to help

Avocados are an amazing fruit with a smooth, creamy texture and a pleasant aroma. Saturated with fatty acids, proteins and antioxidants, it is indispensable in the diet. Avocado pulp is used to make the legendary guacamole, all kinds of salads and desserts. Ready-to-eat fruits have a brown-green color and soft texture. Unfortunately, this exotic fruit is delivered to our shelves slightly unripe. It is not always possible to accurately determine the degree of maturity of an avocado.

There are several tricks to speed up the ripening process. Knowing them, you can enjoy your favorite dishes even on the day of purchase.

Cunning One: Using the Microwave

On the ripening of the fetus using this method will take only a few minutes. The fruit, washed and wiped dry, should be pierced in several places with a fork, then placed in a plastic container with a lid or covered with a napkin and send the microwave for 30 seconds.If this time is not enough, then you need to send the avocado in the microwave again. You can start cooking after the fruit has cooled.

The trick is the second: the use of foil

The ripening of avocados by this method will take about 10 minutes. It is at this time that the fruit wrapped in foil must be sent to an oven preheated to 200 ° C. It is important to wrap the fruit completely and do not unfold it until it cools completely.

The third trick: putting in a paper bag

With this method, it will take about 2 days to mature an avocado, but all the properties and taste of the fruit will remain unchanged. To achieve the goal, you will need a package of wrapping or kraft paper that does not have holes. Maturation occurs due to the ability of the paper to retain ethylene. To enhance gas formation with avocados, just put an apple or tomato in a bag. Then it remains only to close tightly and store at a temperature of from 18 to 24 ° C.

The trick is the fourth: ripening the cut fruit

It is important to remember that if the pulp has time to oxidize and brown, then the method will not work. After sprinkling the pulp with lemon juice, and folding the fruit on the principle of a puzzle, wrap it tightly with cling film and put it in the fridge until ripe. A bone should not be removed.

The fifth trick: the newspaper comes to the rescue

The old, time-tested method is that an unripe avocado is wrapped in a regular newspaper and kept in a warm place. On average, the maturation will take about two days. As ripe, the avocado will become softer.

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