Tips for Growing Healthy Blueberries

Blueberries are not only unusual and very tasty, but also useful berries. And in order to fully enjoy all of its properties, you can grow it in your garden.

Which grade to choose?

There are lots of different varieties of blueberries, and it is extremely important to choose the right one. So, there are early varieties (Stanley, Duke), which begin to bear fruit in July. Late varieties (Aivengo, Gorbert) are not suitable for northern and middle latitudes, as the harvest comes in September. There are also mid-season varieties, which ripen examples in July and early August. These include Blyukrop, Patriot and some others.

If you live in the northern areas, it is best to plant Canadian undersized blueberries, as it is resistant to temperature extremes. And for the southern regions suitable tall blueberries.

As for the taste, the most juicy, sweet and large berries differ variety Blyukrop. You can also choose Rankokas, which will not only give you tasty fruits, but it is also ideal for beginners, because it requires minimal care and is unpretentious.

What seedlings to choose?

Seedlings should be quite strong and securely rooted, as the young may die at the first frost.

Also, pay special attention to the roots. They must be closed, because open, firstly, can dry out and be damaged, and secondly, they will not pass an important stage of symbiosis with saprophytic fungi, which provide the plant with full absorption of all the necessary substances from the soil. In addition, it is advisable to purchase seedlings in containers or in pots, and not in packages.

Which place to choose?

If you want to learn how to grow garden blueberries, then, first of all, find out which place will be ideal for its development. This plant likes heat and sun, so it is worth choosing a well-lit and protected from the wind place.

What soil will do?

Blueberries will grow and fully develop not in any soil. Ideal for her would be sour peat or red horse. Soil normal acidity will not work. You can go to the pine forest and remove the top layer of soil, and right with needles fallen from the trees, they will also be useful.You can also make a mixture of peat, sand, sawdust, fallen needles and also sulfur (about 60 grams per well).

By the way, if other plants were previously growing in the soil, then it may not be suitable, as blueberries feel good only in uncultivated soil.

When to plant?

Ideally, the landing should be carried out in the spring, and preferably at the end of April or in May, when a more or less constant temperature regime is established, and there will be no abrupt changes. In this case, the seedlings will take root well. Some planted blueberries in the summer and even in the fall, but this increases the risk of death of seedlings during frosts, especially if they are weak and young.

If you have purchased seedlings in early spring, then for some time it is better to hold them at home, and on the windowsill and always on the sunny side.

How to land?

How to plant blueberries? First you need to dig a hole about 40 centimeters deep and about 90 centimeters in diameter. If you plant several bushes, then the distance between them should be not less than a meter. Remove the old soil and fill the hole with a new suitable primer. You can also add about 70 grams of superphosphate, it will promote oxidation and good nutrition.

Now you can go directly to the landing.Remove the seedling and gently shake off the roots, stretching the old soil. Try not to bend them and maintain a horizontal position. Place the plant in the prepared hole in such a way that the root neck is approximately at the level of the soil surface.

Carefully sprinkle the soil and tamp it down. Also, after planting, you can pour the blueberry with acidified water. For acidification, three teaspoons of citric or oxalic acid or 100 ml of 9% vinegar (preferably apple) can be added to a bucket of water.

How to care?

How to care for blueberries, so that it develops and fructifies?

The most important points:

  1. Watering should be moderate, so do not pereuvlazhnyat soil, and even more so to prevent water stagnation.
  2. It is desirable to produce pruning only from the 5th or 6th year of life of the plant. At the same time, it is important to keep 4 fruit-bearing and young branches each, so that the bush continues to grow and produce crops.
  3. Feeding must also be correct. So, organic fertilizers, wood ash and manure can harm blueberries, so do not use them. Fertilizing the plant is best in the spring, it will help to strengthen it.You can use nitrogen (about 90 grams of ammonium sulfate per bush), phosphorus (about 100 grams per bush), or magnesium sulfate (15-20 grams per hole). In addition, it is desirable to mulch the bushes with fresh sawdust, which will absorb excess moisture and protect the soil.

How to multiply?

Blueberry propagation is carried out by cutting. In the spring, it is advisable to use lignified shoots, and in the middle of summer it is advisable to choose young and green ones. The rooting period is about two months, during which it is necessary to maintain the humidity of the soil and air.


Useful properties of blueberry:

  • This berry has a lot of vitamin C, which significantly improves the immune system and strengthens blood vessels, thereby protecting against atherosclerosis.
  • The composition contains substances with antioxidant properties. They not only prevent the development of cancer associated with the activity of free radicals, but also slow down the aging of body tissues.
  • Pectins help to improve digestion and excrete toxins, slags and other harmful substances.
  • B vitamins, which are also quite a few in blueberries,take part in almost all important metabolic processes of the body, and also normalize the work of the nervous system and increase stress resistance.
  • These berries are very useful in losing weight. First, there are only 50-60 calories per 100 grams, and secondly, the composition found substances that contribute to the rapid burning of fat.
  • Blueberries have anti-inflammatory, wound healing, regenerating and antibacterial effects, so it is useful to use it in a variety of diseases.
  • This berry is useful for the cardiovascular system.

How to use?

What to cook from blueberry? Many housewives use as a filling for baking, for example, for pies, pies and even cakes. Also, this berry can be added to fruit salads. It also produces delicious and healthy desserts (especially jelly) and drinks, such as jelly and many different cocktails.

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