Tips for choosing the perfect glasses case

Glasses are one of the most outstanding inventions of mankind, and everyone who has vision problems will agree with this. In addition, they are a fashion accessory along with handbags, gloves, ties and other items, helping to complement the image and give it personality. Models of glasses allow using them at any time of the year, protecting the eyes from the sun in summer and from bright light in winter, so they are often worn in a purse. The fragile product allows you to keep intact the glasses case, which can be no less stylish than the accessory itself.

Purpose and functions

Lenses in glasses are susceptible to mechanical damage in the form of scratches and cracks, besides, they break easily enough. Modern technology allows you to replace glass (mineral) lenses with more perfect material - plastic (polymer), but this does not solve the problem. In addition, often the coating is applied to the lenses, which must also be protected from wear and damage.

Properly selected case will help save points and extend their use, which is very important, due to the relatively high cost of high-quality components. The main function of the case is the preservation of the contents.

In addition to the main one, it is necessary to note an equally important function - aesthetic, which is easily achieved thanks to a wide choice of models of domestic and foreign production. The cases offered by manufacturers and well-known brands can be not only of different prices - from affordable to elite, but also amaze with a variety of shapes, materials, fastener methods, sizes.

The accessory can be focused on a different consumer. These are stylish classic models for men, bright and shaped toys for children, with prints, stones and other decorations for women. The choice of case is a responsible matter, because it must look harmonious with glasses and be no less perfect and reliable.

Main selection criteria

How to choose a case for glasses, without regretting the money spent, and with pleasure to use it in the future? To do this, consider the following points, not forgetting the attractive appearance of the case and its suitability to your style and financial position.So, in addition to excellent design, pay attention to the following criteria:

  1. It must be durable, which is important for reliable protection of the contents from external influences - moisture, dust, mechanical and chemical damage. Strength provides a good frame.
  2. The comfort of the product, which makes it easy to place it in a small space, is also necessary. Modern cases are compact and light. Women put a cover in miniature handbags, and men in a pocket.
  3. Not the least role is played by the clasp of the product, preventing the loss of glasses. Its main qualities are reliability and ease of use.
  4. The case must be durable, so you should carefully choose the material. The quality option is more expensive, but it will pay off with a decent appearance of the product during the whole period of operation. Inexpensive materials wear out quickly, which leads to unreasonable expenditure of funds.

Consider a few more nuances to make a successful purchase.

Determine the size

Brand glasses are sold complete with a case, so the question of its size immediately disappears,as the manufacturer has provided all the details of placing points for their safety, taking into account the color scheme, shape, style and material of the product.

If the selection of the cover is entrusted to the buyer, due to the lack of an accessory or its incompatibility with the taste preferences of the client, it is recommended to try to place the glasses in the case.

Take note - go to the store for a cover, do not forget to grab points! With a perfect selection of the contents will not hang out, but will not prevent the closure of the product, deforming from the pressure. There are three choices:

  • with a rather large size, the glasses are placed spaciously, which is not so bad, but there is a risk of glass damage when the internal material is of poor quality;
  • with a small size, the cover will be hard to close, squeezing the plastic parts, which will lead to breakage;
  • with an ideal size, the contents are well fixed and do not interfere with closing the case without additional effort.

Consider the degree of rigidity

When choosing a case you need to focus on the fragility of glasses. If it is a lens, dressed in a fragile frame, then you will need a cover with the most rigid frame.For larger and more durable models, for example, from the sun, you can buy a product made of soft material.

The most popular for today can be considered semi-rigid models with a plastic frame, characterized by lightness, convenience and good reliability. By the degree of rigidity of the product can be divided into two categories.

  1. These cases are rigid, for the manufacture of which materials such as metal and plastic, aluminum and wood, gold and silver are used. For the exterior and interior of rigid structures usually used soft materials. Who needs a hard case? Anyone who forgets the product in public places, energetic and mobile persons with impulsive movements and frequent trips, owners of fragile glasses, extremals, to protect the contents from external influences.
  2. These are soft covers made of materials such as microfiber, natural and artificial leather, various textiles. The soft option is suitable for office employees who like to put the product in a breast pocket, to be careful about things, for packing models of sunglasses.

What are the covers made of?

From the most different material.Moreover, the material of interior decoration is even more important than the external one, because it is in direct contact with the lenses. Ideally, this is soft suede and its modern synthetic counterparts, which provide reliable protection. In accordance with the material of manufacture, the cases can be divided into types, the most common and popular:

  1. Metal models that have long been on the market and do not lose popularity. When choosing them, it is important to choose the right size in order to avoid friction of the lenses on the walls, contributing to the appearance of defects. Often, metal covers-holders are equipped with sports covers due to increased user activity. Car options are available from two metal flaps, sheathed with special rubberized material.
  2. Leather goods look very stylish. They can be equipped with a snake or in the form of a pouch, protecting them from moisture and dust, microscopic scratches, but not from blows. The most successful option provides a reliable metal frame covered with leather. The shape of such covers resemble boxes with boxes of various colors and textures.
  3. Cases made of wood are rare and exclusive accessories. For their production take expensive durable wood with a special impregnation from external influences. Usually they have the shape of a tube with a removable part in the form of a cap. This is an expensive way to pack your glasses, but very reliable and elegant.

Closure options

  1. The fastener on the button is not very convenient, because to close the case it must be pressed. And this can harm both the lens and the frame, if you do not calculate the applied force.
  2. A product with a magnet is the fastest on closing, similar to automatic slamming. The only drawback is a loud sound.
  3. The version with the frame lock is feminine and classic. It is comfortable, beautiful and durable, while respecting the safety of the contents.
  4. Snake clasp is good for children's models, for sports and sun protection. Soft closing does not cause injury to children, like a magnet.
  5. Velcro enclosures are rarely available for kids and adults.
  6. The lack of a lock is characteristic of soft massive models of textiles or leather for sunglasses. Or case in the form of a case with a sliding design.

Target Audience and Formal Diversity

The assortment of cases is wide, and offers a choice of shapes and colors in accordance with age, social status and preferences:

  1. For female models designers come up with an interesting drawing, use a rich color scheme and a lot of additional materials - rhinestones, sequins, embroidery and so on.
  2. Children's cases are also distinguished by the originality of forms and materials, and they are available in no fewer quantities than adults. As a rule, they are more compact, bright, and their shape is stylized as a child's toy. For example, a typewriter.
  3. For folding models such qualities as convenience and compactness are peculiar. They are quite rare in the sale, made from leather, thick and dense texture. Well keep points and a presentable look for many years.
  4. An interesting version of a double case for a pair of glasses appeared on the market. The model will be appreciated by those who use two points - with diopters and from the sun. The most affordable case from Chinese manufacturers with a rigid backbone from damage, soft interior trim for the safety of the lenses.The case additionally has a mirror and a pocket where you can put napkins for the lens.

Additional recommendations

In conclusion, we offer several tips for using the cover:

  • the case is intended for safety of points, therefore, in addition to a napkin for wiping lenses, nothing is put into it;
  • going for a new case, grab with a glasses for "fitting", so as not to be mistaken with the choice;
  • for "lossy" it is recommended to purchase bright models in order to facilitate the search for a product.

Choice of covers is great. From classic models to avant-garde. From democratic cost, to exclusive and expensive. However, keenly considering the design findings, do not forget about the main thing - in the case you put your glasses in order not to break and not scratch them using more than one year.

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