Tip 2: How to deal with stress at work

Learn to live in the present. No need to harass yourself in advance. Even if at work there are any problems and you already mentally imagine how you will get out, put these thoughts aside. You still do not change anything at home. But you can achieve stress with ease.
The same applies to perfect actions. It is not necessary for the hundredth time to scroll as it would be necessary to respond to a careless client or what threatens you with the wrong action. Anyway, nothing has changed. Maybe you just screw yourself up for nothing and there will be no problem.
Encourage yourself to be promoted for each task you complete. For example, make it a rule for yourself that until you do a certain amount of work, you do not drink coffee. Thus, you even divide a huge block of cases into small blocks of work, which will not be difficult to perform.
Do not criticize yourself everywhere and in everything. Excessive self-criticism threatens you with an eternal sense of guilt and dissatisfaction with work. Also, do not allow someone to criticize yourself baselessly.Criticism should always be only reasonable. All the extra pass past the ears.
Even doing serious work, try to find a minute for a smile and humor. Let it be fun communication with colleagues at lunchtime. Otherwise, everyone might think that you are simply a gloomy person.
It is impossible for work to become everything in your life. Find a pleasant entertainment or hobby. If you do not have any hobbies, then go to some courses. Learning foreign languages, swimming pool, gym, modeling, dancing - choose any courses and go ahead.
Get enough sleep to get rid of stress at work. Give your body a good rest. It has long been known that for a full recovery the body needs 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep. Otherwise, not only psychological, but also physical health can be damaged.
Quality of life greatly affects the psychological state of a person. To avoid stress, eat properly and do exercises in the morning.
Helpful advice
To fight stress at work, listen to your favorite music.If this is permissible, take breaks at work and listen to music in headphones with closed eyes. This will calm your nervous system and guide you to positive thinking.

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