Time to collect stones: decorating ideas for a garden plot

Garden sculptures and decorative paths are appropriate on any site. If plantings require constant care, the garden decor can be done once and for many years. Place interesting figurines or abstract compositions between the flowerbeds, thanks to them the plot will play in a completely different light. Use ordinary crushed stone or sea pebbles, large stones or crumb - everything can be used.

Composite Sculptures

Connect several stones together using art forging or cement mortar. Small stones can be mounted on a wooden base.

Compositions from painted pebbles

The water has already worked on the shape of these stones. It remains only to add a few decorative touches. You can paint funny animals on pebbles, or create a complex mandala.

If you are not strong in drawing, you can use other methods of decoration.

The very process of such creativity can be very meditative.

Paved garden paths

Stick large pebbles on a metal grid, and then lay such tiles anywhere in the garden. It is possible to cast tiles from concrete, having built in them pebbles of interesting shape.

Flowerpots for decoration with stones

The cheapest plastic pots from the supermarket can be turned into gorgeous bowls or baskets. Use cement mortar for fastening. Small tanks can be made mobile, and large ones are suitable for stationary landings.

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