This greenhouse idea will help grow strong and healthy tomatoes.

How to maximize the space of a small area? Of course, to use all available methods. Many plants need certain conditions to grow strong and healthy, and yet - to give a good harvest. Best of all, this idea shows itself on tomatoes - although it is quite possible to apply it to other plants.

So, for work you need only two things:

  • 5-liter plastic bottle (their number depends on how many plants are required to "warm");
  • knife.

Cut the top and bottom of the bottle with a knife, retreating by about 5 cm. Dig the resulting blank into the ground, plant seedlings inside.

Why this particular idea works well on tomatoes? There are several reasons for this. First, late blight appears much less frequently than on open ground. Secondly, ideal conditions for growth and development are created for each bush.Thirdly, a small space is used as efficiently as possible. Fourthly, when fertilizers are required, it is possible to feed "in sections". The same goes for watering. In addition, there is no need for weeding around.

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