These herbs can be grown in a glass of water all year round.

You can grow greens on the windowsill all year round, and for this you do not need to stock up on pots of soil. The stock of necessary herbs can be grown in any container with fresh water! The most stylish garden can be organized by picking up glass jars of the same shape and size. You can take not just containers that are used for blanks, but special decorative jars from the hardware store. And then the greens will not only fill the house with wonderful aroma, but also serve as a stylish decoration of the kitchen.

Not every plant is suitable for such a "water garden", but here is a list of at least 12 of those that are worth trying.

1. Peppermint

Grow mint in a small jar, tearing fresh leaves for aromatic tea, a cocktail or soup. In addition, the plant will give the kitchen a wonderful fresh smell. Suitable for growing on a sunny windowsill, as well as in the place where the sun's rays fall only half a day.

2. Oregano

Fresh oregano leaves can be added to soups or sauces.It is better not to tear off the leaves from the stem, but to cut them off with scissors. Then the plant will continue to grow safely. Oregano can reach significant sizes, so do not neglect Italian cuisine!

3. Sage

This plant has a wonderful delicate aroma, which makes it popular for growing in an apartment and a garden. It goes well with eggs, chicken, lamb and some fruits, such as pineapple. Pinch off as needed and add to your favorite dish. Sage does not need a lot of water, and he likes sills with a moderate amount of light.

4. Basil

Another famous Italian spice, which gives a spicy flavor to sauces and soups. Basil goes well with tomatoes. But it will grow only in the place where there is enough sunlight. He needs at least 6, and better than 8 hours to be in the sun.

5. Stevia

This plant is unpretentious, it grows well in the sun and in the shade. Stevia leaves can be used fresh by adding as a sweetener to tea or coffee. You can dry the stevia and use powdered leaves. The plant will be indispensable for those who limit the consumption of glucose.

6. Thyme

A universal plant, which can be used as food, and flowers, and leaves, and stems. Thyme needs a large amount of sunlight, so that it is suitable only for bright windows.

7. Rosemary

This fragrant grass can grow in sunny and shady places. But on the sunny windowsill, the shoots will be larger. Do not forget to add a sprig to any chicken dish.

8. Melissa

Melissa will be an excellent basis for fragrant herbal tea, which will relieve stomach upset problems and make sleep stronger. Melissa grows on a sunny windowsill. The aroma is reminiscent of mint and citrus.

9. Schnitt bow

This type of green onion grows well in plenty of water on a brightly lit window sill. It will be a great addition to any salad.

10. Cilantro

The sun grows large enough, but it feels good in the shade. Perfectly complement salsa, as well as any dish of Mexican and Georgian cuisine.

11. Lavender

This plant has many useful properties. The essential oil contained in the leaves helps fight bouts of depression, relieves migraine headaches and has a calming effect on the body.For a good growth of lavender, put the plant in the sun and provide it with fresh air.

12. Marjoram

This herb perfectly feels in the garden under the scorching sun, but it can also take root in the house. Although it will grow quite slowly on the windowsill. So there is an option for the patient. Perfectly emphasizes dishes from chicken and beef.

If before you did not grow herbs and spices on the windowsill, now you have all the necessary information. Time to try!

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