The trains are striking in their beauty and luxury

The following trains gather crowds of people who want to make one of the most memorable trips in their lives. However, to ride on such a train will have to pay a tidy sum.

Eastern Express

This train was the place for the development of the plot in the work "Murder in the Orient Express" by Agatha Christie, and there are rumors that such an incident, described in the book, happened in 1929, when the transport was the victim of a snowstorm. The Orient Express for the first time traveled between Istanbul and the French capital in 1883, connecting the West and the East with a full-fledged railway flight. This express is known for the fact that it first earned a room with hot, and also cold water, moreover in fact in every compartment. In 1977 the object was removed from the rails, and the cars decided to purchase James Sherwood and gave 16 million to find and resume the original 35 wagons. Now Venice Simplon Orient Express is moving along the usual route, and its passengers can not wear jeans.Dinner in the dining car needs to comply with the dress code, and the ticket price is at least 929 pounds sterling.

Blue Train

The Blue Train is between the cities of Cape Town, Pretoria and Port Elizabeth in South Africa, and during the trip, passengers can view the animals of the Kruger Savannah Park. Citizens will be able to taste the exquisite dishes of talented chefs and participate in all sorts of entertainment. One of the routes ends at the Zimbabwe station near Victoria Falls. The ticket price for the Blue Train starts at $ 740.

Express The Golden Chariot

Created by the prototype train of the Queen of England, The Golden Chariot express train is Victorian in style. It is equipped with a spa and runs in South India, and the ticket price starts at $ 5,730. During the trip, passengers are also expected to visit the palaces in Hassan, Hampi, etc.

Express Rovos Rail

The main part of the Rovos Rail carriages was created in 1911 for the royal family from the territory of Europe. Now the express runs in South Africa as entertainment for sufficiently well-off people. The trip itself is 13 days and is possible only once a year, and the cost ranges from 1200 dollars.

Royal Scotsman Express

Passenger Royal Scotsman has a car that has been completely redesigned in the spa, and the other includes panoramic windows in the style of the Edward era.The minimum ticket price is 2350 pounds, which includes numerous excursions to the vastness of ancient castles in Scotland, whiskey tasting and participation in various national games of the country, for example, falconry.

Express The Maharaja's Express

The Maharaja’s Express is considered to be the most expensive passenger train in the Asia, as it is a replica of the royal style of India. In total, the express carries out six routes, and all sorts of entertainment, excursions, concerts and personal footman are included in the price. The minimum ticket price is 6,840 pounds.

Express "Imperial Russia"

The train "Imperial Russia" departs from Moscow, passes Mongolia and arrives in Beijing only once a year. The express train style is recreated according to the train design, on which the royal family moved. The cost of the trip is from 4.9 thousand euros, which includes an entertainment program designed to become familiar with Russian traditions, cuisine and art.

Express "Golden Eagle"

The most expensive tourist train is considered to be the Russian Golden Eagle express train.The ticket price starts at 14.3 thousand euros, and it is possible to travel from Moscow to Beijing, as well as Vladivostok. During the departure of the train in the capital of the Russian Federation at the station sounds “Farewell Slav”. A hairdresser is available on board the Golden Eagle, there is a doctor, and there is also a laundry room and a wagon with a piano and its own library.

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