The project is a one-story house. The house has a necessary set of rooms, it is well-zoned

Typical project of a one-story residential building with an area of ​​174.82 m? - “East-2” after its implementation will become a cozy place for a family of 4 ... 6 people. For this house suitable plot of eight or more acres.

The house has the necessary set of premises, it is well zoned. There are three spacious bedrooms and one large living room with access to the outdoor summer terrace, which is located in the total volume of the apartment building. The master bedroom has a separate wardrobe.

The house has two storage rooms for storing such necessary household items and objects.

In the total volume of the residential building there is a garage for one car. The garage is the entrance to the basement - cellar.

This house belongs to the class of budget. The project takes into account modern requirements for energy saving.Heating in the house is provided autonomous. It is possible to install two boilers using different fuels.

As an option, for the decoration of the house it is provided to use facing clinker bricks (shown on the visualization). This is a very practical and durable solution for facade finishing.

The total duration of the construction of the house is about 6 ... 9 months.

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