The most interesting castles in France

There are many different castles in France, but some of them are especially beautiful and have an interesting history.

So which castles to see in France?

  1. Vincennes Castlewas built for the French kings in the distant XIV century. In its place near the forest of the same name was a hunting lodge, erected for Louis the Seventh. According to subsequent kings, it was expanded and completed, so that it turned into a luxurious residence, in which several royal dynasties spent their lives. Previously, the castle was surrounded by thickets of the Vincennes Forest, but today it is located on a flat terrain and is completely different from the usual fortress, as it is not surrounded by water and is not on a hill. And yet this place is fascinating with its majesty and mystery, thanks to which attracts millions of tourists.
  2. One of the most beautiful and popular among visitors is the legendarycastle of versailles: once it was located in a small village, and today it is located in a luxurious Parisian suburb.This building was erected as the hunting house of Louis XIII, but gradually expanded. And the next king put a lot of energy into it, turning it into one of the most luxurious palaces not only in Europe, but all over the world. By the way, he was equipped with the latest technology, so for a long time was considered a model. In this amazing castle there are the royal bedroom (it was from this place that Marie Antoinette escaped), huge rooms, magnificent gardens and the Hall of mirrors with mirror arches creating optical illusions.
  3. One of the most beautiful can be consideredChambord castle, and such his status is confirmed by numerous photos. It is located in the picturesque valley of the Loire and among many other buildings stands out not only in size but also in a very unusual execution. Design can be attributed to the Renaissance, and in many respects thanks to this, Chambord is recognized as a true gem and one of the best examples of French architecture, famous for its sophistication and elegance, surprisingly combined with grandeur. The construction includes more than four hundred huge rooms, three hundred fireplaces, a double spiral staircase and numerous domes, gables and towers, which in outline resemble a cityscape.
  4. Chenonceau- Another magnificent embodiment of the Renaissance, which impresses with the majesty and elegance of external performance and interior decoration. Everything is luxurious here: facades, magnificent decor, impressive size and scope, decor and antique pieces of furniture. There was a building on the Cher river in the eleventh century and often replaced its owners until it was presented to Diane de Poitiers, who, by the way, was Henry II's mistress. It was this woman who was able to save the castle from imminent destruction during the revolution, convincing the guard that it was important and could be used for trading purposes (at that time it was the only crossing over the river in this area).
  5. Listing the most famous French castles, it is worth noting such asChantilly. It is located forty kilometers north of the capital and attracts a huge number of tourists with its unique charm. The structure includes two parts: a large castle and a small one. The latter was erected in the sixteenth century for Anne de Montmorency, and the first after almost complete destruction was rebuilt again only in the nineteenth century.All buildings are surrounded by a stunning picturesque park and consist of galleries, huge stables, which occupy large areas of gardens and a whole complex of rooms.
  6. GreatAmboise Castlelocated in the heart of the Loire Valley in the eponymous small town. This is one of the oldest structures, which was built in the distant ninth century over the river Loire flowing alongside. But in the fifteenth century, the residence from this place was moved to another, so Amboise began to decline and almost ceased to exist, and an impressive part of the room was destroyed. Nevertheless, some of the interiors were preserved, and after their restoration they acquired an attractive appearance. A majestic wall with towers was also put in order, which always surrounded the castle and to this day reminds of the distant times of the French monarchs, giving a special charm to the whole structure.
  7. Chaumont. This castle has not only memorable and bright appearance, but also an interesting story. It was erected on the remains of an old fortress in the fifteenth century, but then it was destroyed by Louis the eleventh, when he learned that the owner of the castle organized an uprising against the monarch.Several decades later, the building was restored, and the restoration was headed by the wife of Henry II, who ruled the second, Catherine de Medici: she started a restoration, which again restored the castle to beauty and made it a residence for receiving distinguished guests. Then the owners changed, but in the first half of the last century the building passed to the French government and became open to all.
  8. Every tourist who wants to know the history of the country is better worth visiting.castle pierpon, which many have seen on TV screens (this place often becomes a scenic platform for filming various shows). The building in the twelfth century was erected on a hill with a beautiful view of a small, but very picturesque village. A few centuries later, he was besieged by Cardinal Richelieu, and he left behind practically ruins. But Napoleon Bonaparte decided to restore and modernize Pierrefonds. As a result, the castle acquired a drawbridge, many furnished rooms, an underground crypt with the remains of some monarchs, long corridors and numerous towers, as well as a luxurious courtyard.
  9. Anzhersky castleMany French call it a national miracle. And he is really amazing. Firstly, its location is unique: it is formed from shale rocks and rises above the River Men hill. Secondly, from the very earliest times the building was regarded as one of the most important strategic objects. Thirdly, the castle changed several owners and often changed. Thus, initially Count Geoffroy erected a huge structure with an intricate pentagonal shape. But later, King Philip the 2nd who seized the territory decided to re-equip the structure and also strengthen it to protect against raids. Louis II continued to improve and complement the castle, and his son decided to follow the tradition and arranged a luxurious flower garden, and also made walls more reliable.
  10. Mont saint-michel- this is not just a castle, but a whole huge fortress in the form of a powerful island towering over the river Kyusnon. And if you are lucky enough to be on holiday in France, then by all means take a look at this huge structure, located right on the eighty-meter cliff on the border between Normandy and Brittany.By the way, the name literally translates as "Mount St. Michael." A legend is connected with the construction of the castle, according to which to one of the French archbishops in dreams was the archangel Michael himself, who asked to erect a fortress on a cliff, towering above sea level. Having considered the dream prophetic only for the third time, the minister began to build. And although today the original outlines are not preserved, the majesty and uniqueness of the structure remain the same.

These were the most interesting French castles, worthy of attention of tourists.

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