"The Martian" and another 7 best films by Ridley Scott

This week, talented director Ridley Scott turned 80! Despite such a respectable age, he is in no hurry to tie up with a directorial career and he has at least 20 more films and TV shows in his plans that we will be able to see in the near future. In honor of the director's anniversary, we decided to recall his best paintings. Ahead of the weekend, it's time to wrap yourself in a blanket and watch, watch, watch!

"Alien", 1979

A sci-fi horror film that received an Oscar and a Saturn. The action takes place in the distant future, when space travel has become commonplace. The crew of the Nostromo gets stuck in outer space and stumbles upon an alien ship in which it finds strange cocoons ... Chilling events will occur with the crew of the ship, as well as with the audience, because this is one of the most terrible, frightening and at the expense of unimaginable special effects of realistic films the end of the 70s of the XX century.The films "Prometheus" and "Alien: Covenant", conceived as a continuation of "Alien", did not have such a furious success!

"Blade Runner", 1982

The film, based on the novel by Philip Dick, "Do Androids dream about electricians?" And tells about the oppressed world-anti-utopia, where technological progress has reached its maximum, which is why people here degrade, mutate and use specially created cyborgs - hardy creatures that perform all labor activities. Only, as it turned out, even cyborgs have a soul and needs, so one day one of them rebels, gathering in its army other people who disagree with slavery ... The atmosphere is dragging on from the first minutes - futuristic landscapes, smoky bars, rainy Los Angeles, gray being and hopelessness. Watching such films, you appreciate what you have in the present and you don’t want to be in such a gloomy, soulless and doomed world.

Thelma and Louise, 1991

Louise is an ordinary waitress who is forced to come to work at a hated restaurant every day. Thelma is a housewife living with a despotic husband who literally keeps her on chains ... Once they are both so fed up with a boring and monotonous life that two friends decide to go on a trip to Mexico.Only now the escape from the town turned out to be not so harmless: the girlfriends violated the law several times, and now they will only have to run without looking back. Susan Sarandon and Gina Davis are beautiful in their roles, even there is no thought that one of them is in the wrong place. A mixture of different genres, unpredictability and lack of boundaries make the film so emotional, simple and free from all laws, that you want to reconsider its mood again and again.

Gladiator, 2000

This film was the best historical film about commander Maximus, let historians still argue about the authenticity of events occurring on the screen. He won five Oscars, two Golden Globes, four BAFTA awards and three Sputnik awards - is this not a recognition of the director’s genius and film masterpiece? The role of General Maximus played Russell Crowe - Ridley Scott's favorite, so often he is removed in the paintings of the master of modern cinema. The plot of the drama is familiar even to those who have never seen it: the great commander Maximus was the best commander and noble warrior who could not be defeated by any opponent.But one cannot be one hundred percent sure of his invincibility - the hero was betrayed and sentenced to death. Having an incredible strength of mind, courage and faith in victory, he became a gladiator and challenged the whole empire! This film is not just beautiful, pretentious, entertaining, bloody and exciting. It contains true feelings, emotions and soul, which is why tears in the eyes come out while watching willy-nilly.

Hannibal 2001

A crime thriller based on the novel by Thomas Harris and a sequel to The Silence of the Lambs. It took a full ten years after the brilliant psychopathic criminal Hannibal Lecter escaped from prison. And now he turned up again ... His longtime "girlfriend" and partner in the intellectual duel, FBI agent Clarissa Starling, Hannibal writes a letter to meet and continue the unfinished dialogue. Many fans of the Lecter film series were very disappointed by the absence of Jodie Foster in this film, which was replaced by Julianne Moore, so they were skeptical about viewing the tape. Well, Moore coped with the role as good as Jodie, and to some extent even better, so the unfounded criticism of the picture is incomprehensible.The style of the film has not changed: fear, gloom, cruelty, chamber nature accompanied the heroes throughout the whole picture.

“Good year”, 2006

Romantic comedy - the film adaptation of the same novel by Peter Mail with Russell Crowe, Marion Cotillard and Abbie Cornish in the lead roles. The plot revolves around the London unprincipled stock trader Max Skinner, who inherited his uncle's winery in Provence. And so, having arrived in France and saw all the magnificence of vineyards, wine cellars and landscapes of Provence, Max thinks about his life and what he has achieved and whether it is so important when there is not a single relative and close person next to him only cunning colleagues ... This is a film about real rethinking of life values, which, unfortunately, does not come to everyone, but if it does, it is often too late ... It becomes very warm, easy and wonderful to look at the picture. All with your heart you are happy for the hero who understood the true meaning of life and was able to give up a full but unhappy life in order to live the way he wants and with the one he loves with his whole soul.

Robin Hood, 2010

And again in the film Ridley Scott we see Russell Crowe,but this time in the guise of a prince of thieves, a protector of the disadvantaged and a legendary archer who is not ready to give up his principles for a better life. True, this version of the hero of Sherwood Forest is somewhat different from the others, but this does not make it worse - it is just different. In this version, the archer Robin Longstride fights with the French in the ranks of the famous Richard the Lionheart's army. After the death of the king, Robin returns home, but along the way, along with his faithful companions - Little John, Alan Adale and Will Scarlett - saves a relic that must be immediately delivered to Nottingham ... Belt ", battle scenes, beautiful landscapes and romantic lines.

The Martian, 2015

A science fiction film based on the book of Andy Weir of the same name and telling the story of the astronaut Mark Watney, who was accidentally left on Mars. He will have to show remarkable wit, ingenuity, will and mind in order to survive in extreme conditions and return to Earth. The main role in the film was played by Matt Damon, who reliably showed the feelings of his hero,because of what he wants to empathize and catch every moment of difficult life on Mars ... Secondary heroes also play great, each of them has important roles, without which the film would be unbearably boring to watch, as it was with Gravity. Despite the fact that Ridley Scott paid a lot of attention to scientific details in the film, he was able to balance it with high-quality special effects, entertainment content and jokes, which makes the film look easy and not dry.

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