The main trends of autumn-winter 2018

Irina Shchapova

Irina Shchapova,
journalist, feminist and restless shopaholic

Twice a year, all those who subscribe to designer brands, fashion bloggers and editors of reputable magazines turn their Instagram into a continuous broadcast of shows: the New York Fashion Week just finished, as the British designers show their shows the next morning. In this cycle of dresses, coats, handbags and shoes every year it is becoming more and more difficult to find something radically new: the fashion industry over the past decade has gained such momentum that it has cited all previous eras several times. Summing up everything seen under the heading "autumn-winter 2018", we make our prediction: the next season will be unusually colorful and colorful, but in terms of trends everything will be possible, if not more!


Everything mixed up in the trends of this season: sports style - from the Baroque, cell - with flowers and peas. And moreover, the merging of styles, shades and things from different eras occurs literally within the framework of the same image.Now, as in street style covenants: the more weird you are, the cooler. And do not forget your pet as an accessory!

Gucci, Fall-Winter 2018

Gucci, Fall-Winter 2018

Antonio Marras, Autumn-Winter 2018

Antonio Marras, Autumn-Winter 2018

Puffy sleeves

A Baroque study - too heavy grotesque sleeves, which immediately turn a simple outfit into an almost theatrical costume. We really hope that not all democratic brands will repeat this tendency at once, and in the summer we will see solid favorites of Louis XIV in the metro.

J.W. Anderson, Fall-Winter 2018


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