The history of eyebrow makeup: 100 years in 4 minutes

From strings, like a silent movie star Clara Bow (to achieve such a result, the fashionistas of that time had to ... shave eyebrows and draw a fashionable curved contour) to pierced Rodarte models - the Allure team recalled the history of eyebrow makeup and offered Maryribet Madron, makeup artist Maybelline New York , to recreate the most fashionable images of decades since the 20s - a time when girls would be horrified by the sable eyebrows of Cara Delevingne and would faint from the neon shades that are now in trend in Korea. As we can see from the 4-minute roller, thin eyebrows of a curved shape - such as if their owner was surprised by something all the time - did not go out of fashion for several decades and even almost disappeared completely before they were pressed by thick and broad eyebrows. which we are used to today.

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