The best documentaries about nature (10 films)

Many people like to watch movies. Comedies, horror films and thrillers are especially popular. But some documentaries are so interesting that not watching them is just a crime. And especially fascinating films about nature, which allow you to see the extraordinary beauty of the world, accessible to all, but often imperceptible in everyday life. We suggest you to find out a list of these documentary masterpieces.

List of the best documentaries

So, here are the best documentary films about living nature:

1. "House"

This film is a truly fascinating and incredible journey on planet Earth. You can see incredibly beautiful places in the world untouched by man. Some of them are amazing and surprising.


A voiceover tells us that the Earth is our home, but the people themselves are gradually demolishing it. The film tells about the activities of mankind and its impact on living nature. For example, emissions of some plants can lead to a real natural disaster.

"House" frame

The director is the famous Luc Besson, he worked together with the famous photographer Jan Arthus-Bertrand, shooting nature. Most of the scenes in the film are a survey of unique places from a bird's eye view. In some countries, shooting was prohibited, part of the personnel was confiscated. A total of 53 countries were visited. The premiere took place in 2009, and the broadcast, which took place in 87 countries of the world, was free. But later the film in some states became forbidden.

2. "Underwater space"

You will not hear a single word for the whole viewing, but you will see that in real life only a few can see. For many years, humanity seeks to conquer space, but another unique life is near us, practically under our feet, namely in the oceans and seas. The inhabitants of the depths are so amazing, unusual and different from us, that they can be mistaken for aliens.

Underwater space

The film provides an opportunity to dive into the incredible underwater world and see its inhabitants. Some fish and shellfish look frightening, others - ridiculous and even funny. Watching this documentary film will give you incredible emotions.

3. "Life"

Although this film is documentary, it is incredibly exciting, and therefore included in the list of the best. You can see the simple but at the same time unique life of wild animals from different parts of the world. The directors and cameramen did everything to make the viewer believe in what is at the epicenter of events.

A life

“Life” is a few stories about how various representatives of the fauna of planet Earth live and survive, how they raise babies, how they fall in love and how they break up. The director showed a whole cycle of life from birth to death. Viewers also learn that nature also has its own moral principles, laws and rules. In general, by all means watch this movie.

4. “The stories of salvation. Animal fear

This is a film about the compassion and heroism of people. Sometimes animals fall into dangerous and even terrible situations. And some of them are literally a step away from death. Can a horse get out of a well, and a bear on a drifting ice floe will not drown or freeze? Of course, if Man comes to the rescue.

Stories of salvation. Animal fear

The first big letter of this word is not a mistake, because only a Human with a capital letter will be able to show compassion for our smaller brothers and take the risk in saving them.The duration of the video is only half an hour, but during this time you will be able to see unique stories of animal rescue. The kitten will be pulled out of the pipe, the horse will be removed from the well, and the bear will be saved from death on a drifting ice floe.

5. "Microcosm"

This film was released back in 1996 and became a breakthrough. The fact is that the creators of the painting used the newest and at that time unique technologies. They mastered the technique of the small format of the frame when shooting, and also used short-focus microscopes.


And all this has allowed to turn insects into the most real giant monsters, and the grass - into impassable jungle. Viewers will be able to see and see what is always nearby, but at the same time is so inaccessible, mysterious and distant. This is a wonderful space with its inhabitants! By the way, the technologies used by the directors (they were French biologists Marie Perrin and Claude Nuridzani) are used today.

6. “Oceans”

“Oceans” is a real masterpiece of documentary films. Filming took place in 50 different parts of our planet and took more than 3.5 years. Operators filmed about 500 hours of film.It took about 2 years to process and train personnel! The project budget was 50 million euros.

The oceans

The premiere took place in 2009 and was very much awaited. This film tells about the life of the inhabitants of the oceans. Few people know, but about 70% of the earth's surface is covered with water. And the water inhabitants of the planet are incredibly many! Spectators were given the opportunity to plunge into a unique world and feel like real explorers of the depths.

7. "Genesis"

The creation of this masterpiece of documentary cinema took about 10 years, but this time was definitely not wasted. The viewer can learn the secrets of the emergence of all life on Earth: animals, plants, insects and people. The creators of the film used the latest cutting-edge technologies that made it possible to clearly and clearly show how our planet developed.


You will learn the secrets of the universe and see the most incredible of its inhabitants. By the way, this film was shot by the same biologists who presented the world with Microcosmos (about which it was written above).

8. Arctic 3D

“Arctic 3D” is a fascinating journey to the ends of the earth, where frosts and snowstorms constantly reign, and everything is covered with ice and snow.But there is life here, and this life is incredibly fascinating, as the filmmakers have proven. In the original version, voice-over belongs to Meryl Streep.

Arctic 3D

A well-known actress tells how a bear and two of her cubs, because of the changes that have come to the desert of the Arctic, go deep into the continent. They are looking for shelter and food and doing everything to just live.

While bears are traveling, the audience can not only learn everything about the life of these unique animals, which nature itself placed in such unfavorable conditions, but also enjoy the beauty of a seemingly dead nature. You will see ancient glaciers, melting snow, huge waterfalls, as well as majestic snow-capped peaks. Incredibly entertaining and fascinating film!

9. "Born in the wild"

"Born in the wild" is a very touching and interesting film about how people and animals not only get along, but also become friends and relatives for each other. Cubs, through the fault of poachers who have remained without their parents and who do not have a chance to survive, meet on their way indifferent people with a big heart. Thus, in Borneo, the primatologist Birute Galdikas finds an orphaned orangutan cub and helps him survive, grow strong and master important skills, and then return to the wild.

Born in freedom

And in the forests of Kenya, nature conservationist and zoologist Daphne Sheldrick helps the elephant to get comfortable. People help animals, but at the same time they do not prevent them from living according to the laws of the wild world and to exist in natural conditions. During the shooting of this film, unique technologies were used, which allowed viewers to see the smallest details of what is happening and practically find themselves close to the main characters.

10. “Samsara”

"Samsara" - an incredibly entertaining film. You can enjoy the extraordinary beauty of the amazing places of the planet, visiting 25 states and 5 continents. The creators were looking for places that would correspond to the concept of life, that is, they would contain the concepts of karma, reincarnation, and also life and death.


The shooting took about 4 years, the directors carefully selected the places and explored them. The film was shot on a 70-mm film, which made it possible to achieve the highest image quality.

Watch interesting documentaries and learn a lot about nature and the planet!

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