The best bronzers for a light tanning effect

The difference between a sculptor and a bronzer is in shade: if a sculptor needs a balanced gray-brown imitating a shadow, then it is quite normal for a bronzer to be warm and reddish, because natural tan is just that. The area of ​​application also differs: the bronzer should be applied where it usually tans / burns the fastest - on the forehead, nose, chin and cheekbones.

Classic Bronzer Guerlain Terracotta

And now I will turn to the direct examples of bronzers, which I really like. Conditionally divided them into three groups: cream; those on contouring palettes; as well as the usual powdery.

I will start with cream ones - this is a relatively new phenomenon, which is already successfully conquering the market, since with the help of cream ones it is possible to achieve the most natural option and it’s easiest not to overdo it. But to put them, in my opinion, is somewhat more difficult than powdery - the egg-shaped blenders do the best. Bronzer from contour setDr. Jart + BB Mate Contouring Kit(5 130 rub.per set) - one of the brightest that I have met, so if even with a tan you identify yourself as snow white, then you are here. StickClinique Chubby Stick Sculpting Contour(1 955 rub.), Despite its telling name, turned out to be a real bronzer of a good shade, and not a sculptor - it is easily shaded and subsequently merges with the skin. And the novelty of this yearBenefit Dew The Hoola(2 420 rubles) - the famous bronzer, but in a cream format. It is convenient to apply and independently, and mix with tone.

Cream bronzers: Benefit Dew The Hoola, Dr. Jart + BB Mate Contouring Kit and Clinique Chubby Stick Sculpting Contour

The second part is bronzers in contouring palettes. So, they are beautiful because they have already thought of everything for you: there is a bronzer, a sculptor, and a highlighter in the palettes - all that remains is to choose the set where all sectors are correct and suitable shades. For all the time I met two options:Smashbox step-by-step contour kit(3 450 rub.) AndNYX Highlight & Contour Pro Palette(1 490 rubles.) - both are good in all characteristics and are simply created for sculpting the face.

Bronzer in contouring pallets: Smashbox Step-By-Step Contour Kit and NYX Highlight & Contour Pro Palette

And the last described group is the usual powdery bronzers. At once I will say that I consider the house of Guerlain to be the best in this matter, therefore I immediately added three bronzers to the selection.Guerlain Terracotta Joli Tient(3 530 rub.), Definitely, the best that I have tried: with the condition of almost zero own tan and curved hands gives the most subtle coating that is very easy to control, and does not even apply to healthy bronzers, give the face a healthy and fresh look (plus a blush here for complete delight). The second favorite is bronzerGuerlain Terracotta 4 Seasons(4 570 rub.), Which is produced in a large assortment of shades - from the lightest to very dark, each containing 4 shades, with which the bronzer becomes available all year round. You can mix them, and you can apply separately, depending on the degree of tanning today. Another Gerlenovets - classic bronzerGuerlain terracotta(3530 rubles), which is also good in its palette, where everyone will find their own shade. Also in the powder bronzers I will mention two legends -Nars laguna(3 199 rub.) AndBenefit hoola(2 500 rub.). They won world love - and mine too! - its versatile and balanced shades that can not be noted.

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