Say “meow”: stars and their cats in social networks

Woman’s Day looked at the pages of stars and found many fans of the cat family.
Stars share pictures of their cats in social networks
Photo: @taylorswift

Mylometer rolls over! Singers and actresses, actors and singers - few people can resist the charm of these meats-tailed creatures. And of course, these wonderful woolen lumps become the best friends of the stars. For example, singer Taylor Swift named her pets after the characters from her favorite TV shows, and Norman Reedus calls her a best friend. Moreover, celebrities do not always prefer thoroughbred purrs with a rich pedigree, but they also pick up kittens on the street, as did, for example, singer Ed Sheeran.

By the way, there are about 600 million cats on the planet now. The figure, of course, is approximate, but the fact that it does not threaten extinction, like many species of animals from the wild, is encouraging. And all because the cat - a social creature, and therefore called home. And, most likely, there will be even moresince at the moment about 200 breeds have been bred (and this is not the limit) - from long-haired ones, like a Persian cat, to practically devoid of hair like a sphinx.

Look in our gallery, which photos of their Fuzzy stars are divided into pages in social networks.

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