Is “wife” status a reason for pride or not?

I would understand if a man came to such conclusions - an incorrigible bachelor, but to hear such statements from a young, beautiful girl with a normal orientation and without signs of feminism is rather strange. And how to give birth to children? Or are our society no longer needed? What will happen to us if everyone starts to build a career, engage in creativity and self-development, live only in a high? Sadly this is all, and it's not at all in our national peculiarity ...

The fact is that Russian men lured the shores and drove our women into conditions where, without a stamp in their passport, they have absolutely no guarantees. All problems from poor quality of life and blatant social inequality. Women earn less, and social guarantees are ridiculous and are indicated only on paper. Naturally, some American woman does not need to worry about the status of "wife", she can give birth to a child without even getting married, and be confident in her future.Unlike our women, who are forced to constantly think about how much money they need to feed and raise a child and how to divorce in the event of a divorce ...

Is “wife” status a reason for pride or not?

So our women have to create an artificial rush around any more or less suitable candidate for husbands in the conditions of a shortage of real men and come up with silly statuses like “Beloved wife of beloved husband” or “Deeply married to Petenka”. All their strength poor thing is thrown at the fact that the king was pleased and did not go to another. And they do not want to notice that men, for the most part, treat them not as TSARS, but as servants, without respect.

One of my friends, who recently got married, put up a status in social networks - "Happy wife." And this despite the fact that the family life of her parents did not work out, and she grew up, seeing all of my father's and mother's disassembly

When I asked why she was so devoted to the institution of marriage, a friend replied that everything would be different for her: she loves her husband and hopes for a long life together, common children, general vacations, general purchases, support for each other when someone left without work or sick, - this is the same reinforced concrete that holds husband and wife together.
In general, I think that the status of WIFE in our country has been and will be a priority for women. They generally need a monument for that. Because if it were not for their willful desire to start a family at any cost, our society would turn into aimless consumers who would be engaged only in themselves.

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